Women (and Men!) can rise to the challenge of more equal social structures if we all work together.

Men for human rights, photo by Samantha Sophia

Horrors and whores

Most people are rightfully horrified when they hear shocking news of another mass shooting, or racist, and/or sexist based murder. We have a tendency to call out the most extreme outrage. But not nearly so often do we call out routine systemic abuse. That is how it has always been.

When it leads in bleeds, they say.

Nevertheless, diverse voices are finding more amplification in the “network” age. This is changing things for the better.

A transformation of awakening — quite different from the Great Qanon Awakening — is in evidence. However, instead of hacks or MAGA…

Service to your new nation can make citizenship a welcome bonus for everybody

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Where to go?

My go-to question on migrants and refugees remains the same. If unrest, violence, and climate catastrophe inevitably will drive more migration, where DO you want them to go?

There is no planet B so far, after all.

Most people against fluid and flexible borders do not yet have answers to that basic question. Yet, if we reframe the question to ask what would be the most beneficial win/win scenario that benefits both present residents and newcomers, there are many things we can look at to fix a tricky situation.

There is nothing wrong with having protected borders, but making them…

Yes, it’s all connected

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The hazards of Chauvinism

First off so there is no confusion, I am going to refer to human nature as natural tendencies. This is because as an Ecopsychologist, I do not separate nature — the network to which we belong — from our instincts. Separation from those instincts is what creates domination hierarchy. DH, (as a shorthand) arose on our planet just about 12,000 years ago with agriculture and city states.

For the far greater time of Sapiens existence on Earth, we had small tribal affiliations, and no dedicated fealty to “the state” or white, male supremacy authority either through…

A South Korean Show to teach us how to care

Grab the lifeline! Photo by Christyl Rivers

K for Korea

My family recently discovered the unlikely South Korean hit show, Kritter Klub: Animal in Crisis. Each week dedicated “informants” report another dire emergency: The kitty is stuck on the roof! The kitten fell down a pipe! The puppy has an arrow in her back! The mother dog got marooned on the freeway!

With extreme care, days of patience, elaborate lures, detailed investigation, an odd assembly of “gear heads”, a lot of creative ‘thinking outside the box’ (usually to get the poor creature into a box) is enacted to save the victim.

Usually, more often than not, the dog or cat…

it's never sex or race, it's "Us versus Them." If we see an "us" in opposition to "them", then we do not see the whole "us." It's what's destroying Earth, the ultimate "US."

Will our babies comes from the Matrix, or the Handmaid’s Tale, and just who can have a baby when you grow baby in a box?

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Mary had a little lamb

Mary, the sheep, conceived a lamb …and then it was taken from her womb and kept alive for four weeks with tubes and nutrients. In 2017 the fetal lamb gestated within an extra uterine system, or plastic sack, was delivered by C section, proving that even larger animals can gestate in artificial wombs. …

“Good Christians” do not support misogyny and racism.

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The messy fluids on the floor

If one more person describes the murderer in Atlanta as a Christian, I am going to puke.

If one more person calls the murderer in Boulder a Muslim, or even “crazy” I am going to scream so loud the puddle vibrates.

Sorry about the graphic words, but we are dealing with graphic crimes in graphic times. Here is the biggest crime: when someone commits heinous acts, we quickly polarize to see what “team” that he* is on. That way, we can shirk all responsibility to create a safer world.

Two mentally ill people in recent times (but many more in…

A silent apocalypse on the subway

Photo by Catalin Pop on Unsplash

He’s reading the paper, she’s reading his mind

She: Domination hierarchy covers earth with soot and mud
Cascading like a waterfall, a misogyny of blood

He: “Burn the witches, burn the bitches! …Oh Really!? He did what?”
He must have had ‘a bad day’ or — she could NOT keep her legs shut.”
Or maybe she shot off her mouth? Lots of ’em need fists today”

She: If we were just allowed WAP water, instead of fiery shame,
Even proud boys could stand up as real men, to bear a tiny blame?

He: “Bodily integrity, autonomy, you say?” Bitchy …uppity…

Christyl Rivers, Phd.

Ecopsychologist, Writer, Farmer, Defender of reality, and Cat Castle Custodian.

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