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Q-anon gained traction in 2020, photo by Christyl Rivers

How we love the horrible.

Have you ever noticed how effectively anything morbid, sensational, and often horrible, will demand your clicking attention? The ‘dead babies’ phenomenon is an excellent example.

It is not new, and it is horrible, but the truth is that it works very well.

Last week supporters of Q-anon stormed our nation’s capital. While many were there for various reasons, one that is inescapable — and cost Ashli Babbitt her life — is the specter of dead babies.

Like many of us, most Q-anon devotees, are solidly against the idea of murdered babies. Especially, if they are murdered for satanic, ritual sacrifice, collection of their adrenochrome — a reported fountain of youth elixir extracted from human blood — an attempt to gain power, human trafficking, or for the purpose of disposing of one’s enemies. …

Earthlings who fight one another cannot save our planet’s biodiversity from extinction

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Photo by Christyl Rivers, 2020

Extinction is here

After more than 150 studies across many sciences, the undeniable truth of our living in the Sixth Extinction is here.

A paper published in the Journal of Frontiers in Conservation Science, published this week, describes what we face if we do not urgently address our non-sustainable ways.

According to Daniel Blumstein at UCLA and Paul Ehrlich at Stanford, we are in the beginning stages of the Sixth Great Extinction. …

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Wall of moms protect USA, photo by Christyl Rivers

why yahoos will not replace us

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True USA Bison, photo by Philip Brown on Unsplash

I am the American Bison/buffalo
Exterminated to preserve status quo|
Yet, a few have survived, you must know
Survived genocide, hatred, and Jim Crow

What vow does one being owe to another?
What symbol and service do we owe to a brother?
What fealty and faith have we yet to discover?
Who belongs to the Earth? And, who, is the “Other?”

Even as your buffalo soldiers were reviled,
Our bones piled in grim heaps, the buffalo was exiled
Lands, sky, air, and soil were quickly defiled
A new west, of burgers and brawn, was re-styled

Now you may flay my skin, and wear my fur
Bellowing, blaring, an attempt to conquer
But you can’t steal my majesty to confer
Dignity upon deeds that are purely…

Please let me know all your answers

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Give me that old time revision, Photo by Christyl Rivers

There’s something happening here

Dear America,

Who are you?

In the divided states of America right now, a reckoning of race, but also of class, gender, wealth, and more, roils on before us in an explosive blur. Since the failed ‘coup’, ‘insurrection,’ ‘riot’ or ‘storming’ at our nation’s capital on January 6, I have seen and heard many perspectives.

Here are just some:

This is not America
This is what America actually is
This is broken democracy
This is the beginning of democracy
This is white supremacy
This proves the failure of white supremacy
This is Trump’s final victory
This is Trump’s miserable end

I do understand (I am a psychologist) that human beings think in the binary, and operate in delusion, due to our human vulnerabilities, but this is too much. It’s time to try to find facts, answers, and evidence to what we really are. …

Social change brings new opportunities. New opportunity brings collaboration and innovation.

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Photo by Christyl Rivers 2020

Change is the one constant truth

A program through the alliance of several tech giants, and other industries is called, Unstereotype. It is an educational movement to help people identify, and address, inequality.

It is certainly not the only movement, but one among many. Black Lives Matter, and the UN Women, alliances, for example, both assist and promote ideas of inclusion, and they are only two more examples among thousands.

It begs the question, though. …

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Thanks to Mike Stoll on Unsplash

There is a reason yesterday was painful, chaotic, and newsworthy. Yet, today, things are more in our control because civilized people insist upon that.

Despite all our heart-ache and fear, despite violence — even at our national capitol — today we are still one people. We bend, but don’t break.

Kindness wins because we won’t let cruelty rule us.

When you put cruelty, aggression, power and hate up against decency, and especially up against simple kindness, kindness will win.

All the health care workers, so far as I have heard, are very busy these days. Yet, to care for the injured, in D.C, or elsewhere, they do their jobs with kindness. …

Ashli Babbitt and Heather Heyer Are Two More Victims Of Misogyny, Racism, Greed, and Fear

Please note some patterns between Heather Heyer and Ashli Babbitt, two book ends, set upon a shelf, bookended in an age of rage

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Peaceful nations’ capitol photo by Mike Stoll on Unsplash

Books Ends of America’s Bloody History

Some clear patterns emerge in the age of unrest that took the lives of so many people. Today, we will look at just two.

We eventually must say the names of all our lost, but today it is useful to compare, Heather Heyer, the martyr of the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2017,and Ashli Babbitt, killed just yesterday in our nation’s capitol.

The women, (not girls!) are two book ends of an age of rage. Books used to be written on vellum, A soft and yielding skin of a slaughtered lamb. …

Books Ends Thrown in the Ocean of Blood and Tears

Please note some patterns between Heather Heyer and Ashli Babbitt, two book ends, set upon a shelf, bookended in an age of rage

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Peaceful nations’ capitol photo by Mike Stoll on Unsplash

It depends on just what stuff they are made of; two bookends thrown in the ocean may float until they sink.

Books used to be written on vellum
A soft and yielding skin of a slaughtered lamb
History is also written on the bodies of “girls.”
Heather Heyer, heroine, they say, was a “white girl.”
Ashli Babbitt, heroine, martyred in a cry: “They shot a girl!”

From scant and rabbled distillation of chaos,
We learn the two “girls” were born in 1985,
The women share the distinction of being of the same age. …


Christyl Rivers, Phd.

Ecopsychologist, Writer, Farmer, Defender of reality, and Cat Castle Custodian.

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