Finding health through ecopsychology.

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Human beings are story tellers. Much of our present danger and urgency is due to our advanced ability to think in stories, rather than to feel reality.

As Yuval Harari has noted, we invent non-real fictional entities such as economics, borders, money, and religion. …

It sounds like a Futurama joke, but take this one seriously

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It’s been decades, in some cases, a century, since scientists first offered up warnings about climate warming and possible catastrophe.

Half a century ago it was called “the greenhouse effect.” People yawned.

Who cares? That’s in the far-off future.

Finally, the people are beginning to look up. Even the movie…

Pandemic. War. Politics. Climate Collapse. What do you hold on to, now?

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It’s easy. Hold on to the truth. Here it is: nature is true. The present is eternity.

Nature is steadfast, reliable, predictable in its larger sense. Gravity will hold you to the Earth. Trees and plants will make your food. Animals, including we human animals, will protect the plants and…

Listen, if you can, to hear beyond the drumbeat of war.

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First love your family.

Even crazy, racist Uncle Bob. Even closeted, and weirdly homophobic, Cousin Mary. Let’s say grammpa thinks “women’s lib” or “identity politics” has gone too far. Make a joke of it. Let’s say gramma (predictably) thinks her spouse is an out-of-touch, old man of the patriarch.


Maybe we should notice this aspect a little more

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Let’s face it, racism and sexism are an enormous energy suck and waste of human time. It’s time to stop talking about identity, right? Let’s just act more justice-like about it.


But, let the conversation continue!

The rabble makes noise, and we who wish to preserve civility and sanity…

Unpopular, but stay with me just a moment

Very Unpopular Strong Opinions Blog by Christyl Rivers

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We are addicted to gasoline. We lapped up all the greenwashing lies that said we are doing so much better, and using “transition” fuels, such as natural gas. We are investing in algae-colored, green-washing, smears of reality.

No real serious investment is…

Christyl Rivers, Phd.

Ecopsychologist, Writer, Farmer, Defender of reality, and Cat Castle Custodian.

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