On an awareness level, people DO need to feel they are more heroic than not. It's crucial to tell the real benefits from the propaganda ones. Thanks!

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Photo by Miguel Andrade on Unsplash

New worlds

We’re not in the clear with Covid-19 yet. We have tons of work to overthrow bad actors on the world stage. Yet, we move forward. Signs of hope proliferate like sunbeams sucking snow drifts off of potential spring flower beds. We have vaccines. We’ve landed on Mars. We are opening up commerce, and some normalcy.

Covid-19, as harsh as it has been, with true challenges and sorrows, teaches us all. We learned to tell the essential, what we should value — in people and planet — from the shallow. …

Militant Men, Sexism, Racism, and Values

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Most vets proudly serve, photo by Christyl Rivers

Who/what/why is a psycho vet?

Last month, a rabble of mostly white men stormed our nation’s capital. Cries of white supremacy rang through the land, and were highly applicable. However, the cries of male supremacy were more muted. That is worth exploring. Especially when it comes to a nation where guns, military, law enforcement, and violence against oppressed minorities is painfully obvious.

Here is a term I’ve been coming across more and more. You may not like it: psycho vets. It’s a term guaranteed to be controversial.

Anyone paying attention for the last few decades will have noted that an extraordinary number of mass shooters…

We can reach much more than Mars, if we reach for the stars

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Mars? Photo by Victor Garcia on Unsplash

We sequenced our human DNA
We found we are One race, that way
We once walked upon the moon
Hope to vacation, one day soon
Ending planets is a haunting phantom
But further back, we split the atom

But, this week, this week, this week…
This week we went to Mars
This week we touched the stars

Once upon a time, we gathered food
Or killed, when in courageous mood
Once we founded city-states
Made rules for prayers and steady mates
We soon replaced our worshipping
To elevate mere man to priest or king

But, this week, this week, this…

Some arguments to keep exploring in order to fix our own world.

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A planet worth exploring, photo by Victor Garcia on Unsplash

Science saves

Going to Mars can help Earth solve racism. Also, sexism. If we do it right. I believe this because as the march of science informs the better angels of our knowledge with truth, we have better answers all around.

Although there is not always an immediate, direct link, we learn more about ourselves every time we take on an impossible task. Today, Perseverance, Percy, is roaming the red planet. This is only possible because thousands of people, of every variety, helped launch him there.

Years ago, we learned to sequence the human genome. We learned that there are more than…

Thanks Kristy, will set this up and hope it helps,

Also, tell:

EARTH FANS, please do this simple task

This reminds me of the CHIPKO women in India. We all should be so powerful

Proud to be at least 3% Neanderthal, according to Nat Geo's, National genographic, DNA test data done a decade ago!

And bow and accept the end. Of a love, or a season.

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Fruits of February, Photo by Christyl Rivers

Every year about this time, in Kona, our full harvest of fruit arrives. This year, in addition to oranges, lemons, grapefruit, tangerines, bananas, and avocado, we have squash.

While I write this, the neighbor’s lot across from our driveway is being ripped to shreds. They have a backhoe in there. New neighbors are on the way, and the thousands of plants, shrubs, trees, flowers, and even fruit growing there, will soon be rocks, sticks, and mulch.

It is not easy to see your neighborhood change. But it is…

Christyl Rivers, Phd.

Ecopsychologist, Writer, Farmer, Defender of reality, and Cat Castle Custodian.

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