Will We Stop All The Bat Crap Crazy Binary Elitism?

You are in. You are out.

Our human psychology evolved with yes/no, up/down, hunt or gather directives. We, thus, learned and earned our lives. Is it a threat? A lunch? Friend or foe?

We collected in small bands that needed in-group, out-group dynamics.

Modern humans got by very well this way for three hundred thousand years…

As we bid our last farewells to Kapoho, the dolly has to go

Two ladies

The two dolls are Carla and Valerie.

Carla is mine, (in this photo, a rather possessed looking spook), Valerie came to me from two previous “doll moms.”

Before my mother died, she was very active. Her closest friend, the only other woman whom she still knew, Francine, was active too.

This poem is for the animals, drowned now, in B.C.

My family came from Canada, from a world so green
Tall trees, mountains. Rivers of lace and blue sateen

The world has long since gone crazy, hotter every year
Consumed by our addictions, polarized in hateful fear

With shiny machines that promised us the world
Insatiable needs buried us, each into…

Simply tweak what we mean by “God” and a world-saving enthusiasm for tech and talent will follow

Our stories are outdated, and no longer useful

Our most selfish instinct is to take more than our share.

Our species created stories to tell us this is the correct way, to conquer, to dominate, to exploit, and to expand our power.

This can’t work on a finite, and connected world.

We also, in doing this, want to…

We are often told to take personal responsibility, it’s not that simple

Your heavy footprint

Recently, it came to light that gigantic, rich, and powerful fossil fuel corporations have been gaslighting us for decades about taking personal responsibility for pollution, recycling, and every imprint of each carbon footprint on Earth.

That is, their greenwashing campaigns are all about how they are doing their part, but…

Reflect on your belonging and you can connect to a brighter — truly better — world.

A Climate of inadequacy

We all strive to be exceptional. This is as we’re taught. We need to see ourselves as in constant pursuit of being better, doing better, and living better.

Yet, something happens in the process. We program our minds to exclude the others.

Who are the others?

The others, are any…

While the world holds its breath there is much to learn by listening to the leadership of Nature

The news is too upsetting, if you doomscroll, you know
Limited use, there is, in fretting, and we need somewhere to go
Might I prescribe the garden? The trees around your place
Where sky matches your expression, tears, sometimes on her face…

But there is also sunshine, and often the…

Of all the invasive species here, these lizard people are the best

Kona has lizard people!

Escaped pets usually end up on posters, but not these slow-moving, hand-sized dinosaurs that perch on the purple blooms and eat butterflies all day.

My husband likes to say that if you can’t see them “that’s how you know they are there.” The camouflaged capability of all chameleons is well…

Christyl Rivers, Phd.

Ecopsychologist, Writer, Farmer, Defender of reality, and Cat Castle Custodian.

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