From Chalkboard prompt: Absence

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Baby Spix Macaw, Image credit: Reddit

In 2018 many died out of existence
Due to: too many of us, and our ‘do to’ persistence

We cannot seem to leave them alone
Last Hawaiian tree snail, George, lived, and is gone

In 2019 George was the first of the year
To be, then not be, to be here, and disappear

There was the Eastern Puma, a bold, beautiful cat
Who roams and haunts memory…her last habitat

There was the jewel toned Spix Macaw
A few still live caged, but in the wild? None at all

The Northern white rhino, whose horn is exquisite
But overly ‘loved’, and, so no longer existent

What is their absence? What does it mean?
What keepers of brothers, of others, have we been?

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