All You Zombies On The Sidelines

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Earth continues turning Photo: Ed Miles

Sometimes, you think of joining a movement.

A movement to raise the voices of the constantly silenced.

What should it be? A Million Mind March? Or,… a Million Who Matter March?

Women will take to the streets, again, in forceful numbers. Just as they did January 2017, and 2018. This time it will be January 2019, (should the unraveling not shred us before then.)

No one should be excluded. The very name “Women’s March” offends some, (which is ridiculous, but here we are.) For even the loneliest, most male, orphan on earth has a mother:

Mother Earth, the overly, oppressed and exploited mother of all that breathe. She needs our help, and we, surely, surely, need her love. All of us. None excluded.

So I’m stuck on the name, but the spirit is there. Obviously, too, word play panders to alliteration: Million Mother March, Many Million Matter, May Minds Open March., We Matter March!? So many possibilities.

Some are frozen to the sidelines. Why? All you zombies out there: Hear this. Help.

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