Allies Versus All Lies

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The world demands a better world

By adding just another ‘ L ‘ and spacing it just so,

We can reveal our globe today, and all we need to know

Here is an international sigh; there: death, here: rebirth,

Here is a man (let’s not say who) daily convulsing Earth

Cities, hospitals, armies, and whole networks tumble

Corporations, departments, nations. Some thrive, and some stumble

Allies versus all lies. Solidarity goes far

But division drives the tumult, rage fuels the repertoire

Toxins are in our water, and our soil, and our air,

But the roaring garbage that threatens is more than this nightmare

Must trash and toxins rule us, an indifferent and cruel master?

Must we bow before false idols, fickle greed that greets disaster?

Only if we take out the trash, boldly unite, expose the source

Our mess is not just literal, there’s poison in the well of our discourse

When allies go up against all lies, we have to lift the veil

We have to clear the glass, polish truth, adjust the scale

We have to win hearts to beauty, seek in ourselves what’s true and fair

Root out the rot, destroy decay, open windows for fresh air

Many will say it’s impossible. Many will call it a dream

They say we are not ONE, we are too different to redeem

But science, and truth, and facts, and nature tell a different tale

That earth is the greatest planet we know and together we’ll prevail

Together, we are Earth, biodiversity and cooperation

Together — only together — we can recreate the Creation

June 2017, Christyl Rivers, Please click the heart, and share your thoughts

Written by

Ecopsychologist, Writer, Farmer, Defender of reality, and Cat Castle Custodian.

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