Are Tabloid Headlines Hurting Your Head and Heart?

Embrace the moon, and all it holds, to understand the shadows

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We never seem to get a break anymore from tabloid, tawdry news. This is what we are given to digest every day: Putin and corruption problems, porn stars, betrayal, drug epidemics, celebrity stories of sexism, harassment, racism, rage and injustice.

Most of all, we are presented with blame and shame. We are expected to choose sides. No more ‘stronger together’ just noise, venom and nonsense.

We are expected to get up in the morning, succeed at work, return to our family and take care of the bills, healthcare, community and survival.

This ongoing deluge of the dark side of human nature does not refresh, renew, recharge or redeem us.

If your heart and head grow heavy each day, you are not alone. Divisive issues depend upon separating our thoughts from warmth, belonging and security. To sum it up, we either break apart or find the glue that cements everything back together.

Ecopsychology studies that glue. It is called by various names, Gravity, Natural Attractions, Web-strings, and Life-lines. I like the phrase Selena Allures, referring to the embrace that moon, (Selena) holds the ocean and land within. This drives life and reproduction of life on Earth, but also inspires the artists, poets, and lovers among us to recognize what it took theology and science so much longer to know: we are bound together. We are one.

For thousands of years, human beings were told that we are different, that sexism and racism exist because one tribe must be dominant (or at least preferred) over all ‘others’. Common sense and science have revealed that although we naturally need to create trust when we encounter the unfamiliar, it is the only way to network and knit community together securely.

Our DNA is planted deep within our separate, secret codes, but it has been revealed we are woven with the same threads of the scent of lilacs, the symmetry of mammals, and the sense of birds. Now we know that our heads and our hearts hurt because we keep seeking to find belonging with the false narrative programming that tells us familiar is better and safe.

We avoid the truth about suffering and pain for good reason. We hide slaughter houses and prison camps away because we are not good at handling the truth. We make up rationalizations such as “They versus Us” and distractions because sleazy is easy. It asks nothing from us but our superiority.

Think about your head and your heart in a beautiful setting. Think about the highest peak experience of belonging to something greater than yourself that you have ever had. Then think about how to do at least one thing every day that connects your head and heart to our community of planetary belonging. Offer a kindness, a smile, some time with wildlife, a walk under trees.

It will take you out of the easy sleaze and the sloppy need to just be superior. You can soothe your body, soul, spirit and mind, especially if you connect to another living soul. Share, then, and heal.

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