Aren’t The Repugs The Real Thugs?

I used to know good Republicans. Where have they gone?

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America the lost, Christyl Rivers

In response to a nation in flooded in loss, and now drowning in innocent blood, Trump has infamously tweeted that “once the looting starts, the shooting starts.”

To calm and inspire a nation, he orders peaceful protestors cleared away with tear gas and flash grenades, so he can hold a bible for a photo.

His heartless response to the rioting in Minneapolis after the murder of George Floyd, seems to just bring more division.

Predator Trump, —hint: he has always been a threat to more than just the ladies — has once again shown his willingness to put property before people. Looting, after all, describes material loss. Shooting, (and choking, and tasing, and beating, and killing of innocent people, usually our most vulnerable black and brown people) is what destroys living flesh, and should never be justified in order just to protect property.

Shooting, often in this regard, and at the hands of those we hire to protect us, has often come before the looting.

That’s why people, primarily peacefully, are protesting. What Martin Luther King reminds us is that: “A riot is the language of the unheard.”

I am a person who doesn’t like name-calling. It seldom helps, but in this case the boiling over rage at injustice has some release and relief in calling a thug a thug. Criminals, and in this case, it is a few elite and powerful republicans, AKA Repugs, who are the real thugs.

People, many of us already in national mourning, are left without comfort, without guidance, and without unity.

This kind of thuggery, to leave an entire populace abandoned at times of national emergency is unconscionable. It debases democracy. It shreds our hearts. It dazes our senses. It disorders our minds.

We can’t wrap our heads around someone who once called for the execution of children, once called the Central Park Five, each one that was later revealed to be the Exonerated Five.

As awful as he is, we can’t ever forget that the real monster is indifference.

It is what allows his enablers to operate in silent cruelty, dismantling reforms, erasing clean air and water acts, encouraging guns and gun idolatry, refusing rights and healthcare to women, repealing every attempt at anything that whiffs at fairness.

They’re evil. We fear and loathe them.

Hyperbole? Maybe I exaggerate. I used to know some really decent people who called themselves Republicans. But today, few of us can detect whatever goodness the alleged Repugs hold because we are all so frayed, and afraid.

Here is what is thrown at all of us to fix: A global pandemic, the climate crisis: floods, hurricanes, fires, and famines this year, extinction of species that support our food web, a healthcare and joblessness emergency that has people terrified.

Add racism and sexism. It is up to a ground swell of all of us to fix it, if leadership from the top is just going to keep sinking the ship of state.

We pay Trump to protect us. But, it feels as if we are now paying him to destroy us.

His job has become to sow hate. It is his thugs’ job to sow seeds of injustice and reap the harvest that his constant distraction and antics allow.

They are all too happy to use racism as a tool to divide and conquer, to keep those short-term profits and property, under their control — even at the cost of the world.

Let’s not let them decide the kind of nation, or world, that we are.

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Ecopsychologist, Writer, Farmer, Defender of reality, and Cat Castle Custodian.

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