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Be Careful of false emperors Photo by Christyl Rivers

Be careful, Melania, what coat that you wear. Be careful Trumplandia, to what clan you swear. Be careful women, of each accusing stare. Be careful, peaceful protestors, who kneel as in prayer. Be careful, poor or unemployed, of who claims that they care. Be careful, those with means, of mean billionaires. Be careful, house and senate, which laws you deem fair. Be careful, free world, of Great Russian bear. Be careful, Kim Jong Un, what you build for warfare. Be careful, news media, whose truth you declare. Be careful, little children of prison daycare. Be careful, normal people, of abnormal hair. Be careful, Donald Trump, of your own blather and blare.

Be careful, living beings, of toxic water and air.

Be careful, the falcon cannot hear falconer.

For everyone else, bleeding liberty, do not despair. .

Just wake up each day. Stay woke. Stay aware.

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