Believe In A Higher Power, But Not A Biased One?

Congratulations, I think you are a Gaian

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The nature of Mother Nature

Gaia is that gal that just gave us a dose of reality therapy by way of unleashing COVID 19. Gaia is the embodiment of goddess Earth. Let’s call Gaia, Nature, for now.

Hold up, what about Nature’s wrath?

Hey, what about COVID-19? Isn’t that Earth getting back at us for all the abuse we heaped upon one another and her other children?

We have technology, aren’t we smarter?

It’s true that sapiens have large brains. We used those brains to discover fire. Then we started burning everything. We used those brains to invent agriculture. Then we began wiping out other species for food. We invented nuclear power, rockets to the moon. Go us! Then we invested in Mutually Assured Destruction for decades. We invented computers. Then we went online as creators ourselves of virtual lives, forgetting the basis for all life is a living world.

What about religion?

Religion led to universities, and temples and cathedrals, and Ode to Joy, and Michelangelo, and the renaissance, and Hallelujah, and some really thoughtful prose, right? Right. It did. And now a broader faith shared by all beings of goodwill can lead to even wider benefits.

Are we all Gaian?

We need everybody, I think, if we are to join a family of Earth.

A place with more space and abundance

How are we to transcend our tight and tiny bubbles, if we can’t even accept our human race and shared gender spectrum? Our petty differences keep us at one another’s throats. Hardly useful when trying to reconnect to a looser, bigger belonging, amid a complex network of interdependent beings and systems, that is, Earth.

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Ecopsychologist, Writer, Farmer, Defender of reality, and Cat Castle Custodian.

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