Bratty Billionaires Are Baddies

Consider the true cost of Amazon products and rocket-teering

Christyl Rivers, Phd.
3 min readMay 16, 2022


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Don’t order anything, just take a walk outdoors

Don’t buy their stuff. When you do you enrich them more, and they will deliver it via a million carbon-monoxide pumping trucks on the roads that taxpayers fund (never billionaires) and you may never see a quiet, lovely suburb again.

You will also find all your attention and time is given to objects and false online lives, not to the real world we must get out and rescue if we are ever to thrive.

Having instant gratification and tons of stuff that pollutes the air, water, soil, and landscapes is much like being addicted to crack cocaine. There is an instant payoff followed by an enormous long-term cost. In fact, our serious addiction to fossil fuels is indeed, killing people every day.

However, we are killing more forests, animals, grasslands, and oceans than we are killing people, at the present moment; maybe because we are so distracted.

The richer a few become, the less likely it is for you to have your rights, votes, and even a voice. All these things are now tampered with by algorithms, polarization influence, ads, and outrage.

Belonging is better than billion$

One result is that we are losing touch with our shared humanity, and even our earthly belonging.

A circle of death begins innocently enough with a desire for a banking app and ends with the demise of all singing birds and other pollinators.

Human beings who are selfish see themselves as either non-related to other life forms, or even worse, as better than other life forms. Man, however, is not created in God’s own image. Life and all carbon-based life-forms are based on God’s own image. We are star stuff, made of light. Once again, some scripture that could have save lives was wildly misinterpreted to mean ownership.

We worship and give adoration to the rich and powerful, but we can learn to give attention to one another for true belonging.



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