Could Florence Be The Woman Who Finally Takes Down Trump?

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The calm before the storm. Photo by Christyl Rivers

She is powerful. She is energetic. She is beautiful. And she is headed for the East coast right now. Could Hurricane Florence be the one strong woman to take down Trump and his corrupt administration? Those people fleeing mortal danger are probably not thinking so much about the voting booth right now, but when Trump and his flunkies swoop in to take heroic credit in the recovery, tens of thousands of new climate change believers will take note.

When people realize the truth is that Trump stoked fears about dangerous immigrants, diverting at least $10 million from FEMA recovery programs in order to separate families and put some children in cages, voters do notice. Places like the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico already have noticed. They have plenty of voting friends and family on the mainland.

Hotter oceans make hurricanes stronger and stronger hurricanes carry more wallop and water. Florence should remind everyone of the A+ grade that Trump gave himself in response to Hurricane Harvey and Maria last year.

When both republicans and democrats, as well as independents, clearly see that money in politics has become too powerful, is harming democracy and continues to favor corporate power and the wealthy, voters are influenced. When people realize that climate change is quite real, fossil fuels poison our water, air, and land — as well as our children — they pay attention.

Trump pulled the USA out of the Paris Climate Agreement that puts human energy into solutions and jobs to cope with climate change. When people realize that states, like California — and even other nations — are investing in jobs and infrastructure in a cleaner, less oil dependent, sane economies, they notice.

Trump and his allies are immersed in so many scandals, stormy storms, and public distraction that they are not competent, nor interested enough, to serve our nation. And people are fed up. As many more of us each and every day face the fall out of fires in the west, flooding every storm season, heavy blizzards with wetter snow taking out power in the winters, they are ready to take out power at the top.

When native Americans and allies step up to protect the Earth that is our mother, and defend the children of that mother, when people of color have to be mocked and shamed rather than supported by a leader who doesn’t even respect free speech and peaceful protest, people wake up. When those public lands preserved for all of us are quietly handed over to destructive mining interests that sell climate denial like they sell gas during an evacuation, people see that.

No president, no administration, and no polluting energy company is as powerful as We The People. We are stirred by hurricanes, tested by fires, over our heads in floods. But we see more evidence every day that there are new answers blown in the wind, and we will rise up with new energy to welcome a new dawn.

The Midterms are coming. Prepare for a new wave.

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