Dear Extinction Rebellion, How Do You Work?

Like many people who care about Earth, we wonder how to help

Christyl Rivers, Phd.
3 min readNov 2, 2022


Photo by Greg Rosenke on Unsplash

Earth Activists come in all flavors, how do we know where to help?

Extinction Rebellion is just one group out there. There is no monolith, just as with feminism or Black Lives Matter.

It’s almost impossible to know which voice to join.

Everything is online these days. You cannot interact with a person, live and face to face unless you somehow know where, when, and what event the group will be on.

Many people are reluctant to register on online sites. It usually requires that you provide a lot of personal data, and then wait to hear back. And wait. And if you don’t do some version of social media, you become a non-entity.

Human beings, natural animals that evolved to be social do not know how to deal with an exclusively digital world, at least those trying to reconnect to our natural nature. It presents a problem.

How then do we get to protect and defend nature when everything is unnatural? How will all of you, and I, begin to really join up to the pro-breathing side of history?

Will we sign letters, or throw soup?

There are activist websites that say “if you can’t find a group near you, start one.” Start one? Does that mean signing on as group leader? Doing documentation? Logistics? Planning? Media networking? WHAT??

For most wannabe volunteers, it is utterly unclear how groups work, how they organize, or even what they do. They are not portrayed well in the media, and in fact, they are often demonized.

This is one big reason why everyone pollutes, but few are given anti-pollution platforms they are comfortable joining.

Today, we are going out to plant trees for an international organization. There was no live contact to date.

We found out about it only after a great amount of digging.

Now, please note to use CO2 requires almost no effort on your part. You drive and the gas is there. You shop and it’s a click away. You eat and you have every kind of ad…



Christyl Rivers, Phd.

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