Delivery Trucks, Warehouses, Traffic, When Do You Say, “Enough Already!”

Christyl Rivers, Phd.
3 min readOct 10, 2022

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A nice walk on a hazy fall day

My Significant Other Spouse, my SOS, was nearly hit by an Amazon truck yesterday. Not in heavy traffic, not even in town. Just on an empty rural road. On a Sunday. In the evening, after dinner.

The truck was backing up, likely thinking it was (usually is) an empty place along a country road.

We were just going for a nice evening walk. Enjoying the end of the world as best as we can by noting there are still more living trees than dead on this particular street. (yay!)

We hate the smoky haze since the climate droughts have fueled fires all summer long. My husband is coughing. My eyes are irritated.

We hate those trucks. We hate the noise, disruption, traffic, hustle-culture mentality, and the piles upon piles of garbage we know will result.

We hate the conflict between low-wage workers, and rich employers, the competition between people who make real goods and flash-trash wares. We hate knowing that spewing all this CO2 into the air to sell more junk is going to force climate tipping points faster every year.

We hate that inflation is primarily the result of profiteers and record wealth disparity — coupled with billions and billions of your tax dollars going to subsidize big Oil, (Putin and Saudis, et. al) big Ag, big Pharma, and big politics.

We hate that you can’t get some goods without being monopolized by mega corps because of supply chain issues. We hate that most local stores are gone.

We hate knowing the next plague will come because almost nothing was done to stop zoonotic diseases like COVID at the source. We hate that the next one coming from hens, cows, and/or pigs will be greeted with shock, outrage, and probably, anti-maskers and conspiracy Q-comers late to the partisan war.

Don’t Keep Truckin’



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