Don’t Blame The Queen, Don’t Blame Hillary Clinton

Christyl Rivers, Phd.
3 min readSep 14, 2022

Would it be possible to make men accountable for their actions in the world?

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It’s more honest to have a love/hate relationship with history

To save some time, let’s first discard the notion that anyone saying something nice about a well-hated woman is an enemy.

The monarchy was a colonializing aggressor. Hillary Clinton made mistakes. Ghislaine Maxwell is a ghoul. Both Marie Stopes and Margaret Sanger believed in Eugenics.

Yet, I think it matters to see not just villains, but why we have them.

It matters to see, that also, for every “horrible” woman there is often a vile man who sneaks off a little bit more into the shadows as all the attention and opprobrium gets splattered all over the vile woman.

Whatever her faults, Queen Elizabeth likely never, ever, even groped a girl much less raped one as Prince Andrew likely has. Ditto with Hillary Clinton. None but her victims know about Ghislaine, but we expect that Jeff Epstein violated a lot more flesh in the flesh.

Other enablers of Epstein and even his old pal Predator Trump — who are most certainly actual rapists — didn’t go to jail for even one day.

Victorian age’s Anthony Comstock hated women. He crusaded against sex information, or any suggestive contraception sent through the mail which might save a woman from dying in childbirth or force an alcoholically abusive man to support five more kids.

It is true to say early proponents of sex education and birth control were eugenicists. But at the time so were anti-feminists Teddy Roosevelt and Winston Churchill. In that pre-Nazi horror era, Eugenics was an accepted science. At least early and imperfect feminists have proof of saving more lives than they killed or colonized.

This brings us back to good Queen Elizabeth II, who like Queen E I, did not do just as much misogynistic brutal serial killing as previous kings, like say the one who separated Queen Liz the First from her mother…

Christyl Rivers, Phd.

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