Dr. Jane Goodall Wants All Those Primates We Call Children

Eager young minds are our best defense against doom and gloom

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Children love waterfalls, flowers, and greenery just as you do, but with more enthusiasm.

A Guardian interview with Dr. Jane Goodall, the eminent primatologist and environmental advocate, reminds me of how separated from nature we have all become.

She spoke about the gloom and doom found among we big brain primates worldwide who hold the world in our hands. She understands the vast challenges to climate change and determination of the present U.S. administration to reverse climate agreements, and to deregulate pollution.

Dr. Jane of the jungle lived for decades in a natural setting, in the actual world. During that time she saw thousands of animals facing extinction, losing their habitat, obliterated by disease, logging, mining, farming, and many other human enterprises. She is supremely educated in the modern world, as well. Yet Dr. Jane remains an optimist. She has hope.

I have no doubt that part of her strength comes from her immersion and understanding of the natural world. Catch a fresh breath of that Holy wind — that has been called the voice of God — and you too, will feel it.

Every day that we do not fill our senses with the rapidly vanishing sustainable and remarkable Earth, is a day we drift closer to letting those who are empowered to do so take it all away.

Those who love, value, and respect nature, must immerse ourselves in that power and truth with dedication, each and every day.

The solution is fairly easy. Recognize that scapegoating others hands away our only power over to those who profit from on-going exploitation. But Dr. Goodall, and all of us, have a secret weapon, (although it is more of an envelope of magic seeds than a WMD), and that defense is youth. Yes. You heard right; our best defense is loving, enchanted, and enthusiastic children.

Our task is to teach the children well. And it is as easy as opening the door.

Think about this and you will remember that it is true. Which moments of pure joy and exhilaration do you remember best from your own childhood? I would bet a lot on the possibility that it was an outing to the beach, a national park, a day in the woods, camping, or just playing outdoors. We human primates love all those ‘Selene’ allures, big as the moon attractions, that open our senses and fill our hearts and memory.

So get out there today. And don’t wallow in doom and gloom. Better to surround yourself with girls and boys, enchantment and excitement. Let their laughter inspire you that love will always be more powerful than hate.

We are not out of the woods yet, but paradoxically, we will be the more we cherish getting back in there. Find yourselves in the sacred life of the forest.


Ecopsychologist, Writer, Farmer, Defender of reality, and Cat Castle Custodian.

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