Earth Is Speaking To You Through Falling Bridges

She also howls with fires, and blasts fog horn sirens about floods

Very Unpopular Strong Opinions Blog by Christyl Rivers

Photo by Alex Azabache on Unsplash

Falling down …My Fair Lady

President Biden went to Pittsburgh to talk about infrastructure. Before he arrived, the Frick Park bridge collapsed due to environmental factors and insufficient maintenance.

Last week, I wrote about how the Universe is not speaking to you. Not you, specifically. At least, as far as we know.

However, as I noted there, the Earth is speaking to all of us. Rather loudly. But is Earth a fair lady? I think she is just using reality therapy on us.

We now have warmer winters, and weather weirding due to the climate crisis.

We also have debate over whether we should support an infrastructure bill that helps us “build back better.” That is, we need green jobs, green agriculture, green economy growth, and to my mind, an entirely green ethos.

Collapsing values

That is, our universal values have to stop worshipping green backs and start worshiping green life support systems.

It’s a Christyl Rivers broken record that says everything has everything to do with everything.

If you read me, you are probably sick of hearing it. I know. I know.

But that’s at least in part because we are sick of pandemics, potential nuclear wars, floods, fires, capitalism that doesn’t meet living wage requirements, political in-fighting, race, gender, and culture wars.

All of these things are alike in that they arise from domination hierarchy. Entitlement. Tribalism. Us versus them.

Ukraine may be a good place for grain as the climate changes

Putin is amassing troops to threaten all of Europe and the world over resources, power, energy, and toxic fuel. He may be a bully, but he’s a strategic one. There are other bullies, too, you may have noticed. Authoritarian values, power-mad, mad ratters.

When oil spills because a Tonga volcano causes a tsunami that injures Peru, maybe we should notice that, this same oil, used as an energy source, is a bad idea. Fossil fuel use is driving storms, floods, extinctions, famines, pollution, ad nauseum.

Bridges, power lines, and building collapses happen because snow is generally heavier, (wetter). Car pile ups and deep freezes are happening because the weather is whacko. The weather is whacko, because cold regions are colder, warm regions are hotter, wet regions are wetter, and dry regions are drier. Depending on seasons.

Heat domes and heat waves, that killed hundreds last summer, and fires across the west that imperil our ability to breathe, are a small taste of what is yet to come.

Finally, despite an anti-woke movement to stop our awakening, people keep waking up because they have senses. They want to have guilt free jobs and healthy lifestyles. They want justice. They want to breathe and eat food. Survive.

I hope President Biden, and other world leaders, don’t have to have bridges fall on them to notice. But just in case, you better demand a voice, a vote, in case they are somewhat clueless.

Our optimism at this point is only to be found in determination to repair a broken system. We also need to listen to our mother, who rather than favoring one person, or one being over another, suggests networking our systems. Cooperation. Collaboration. Innovation. Inter-dependency.

I maintain that Earth is connected to us, and trying to be a good mother.



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