Ecopsychology does not seek to end racism or sexism. Ecopsychology won’t topple corrupt governments, end wars, destroy our destruction, or cure starvation.

Why? Because, these human goals don’t go far enough. We must realize we are not separate from the rest of our planet and her living systems. We are more than humans, we are earthlings.

We left our outdoor lives. We crafted language and writing, inventing a magical, but abstract reality. We built towers and soared above all the other living systems.

We have amazing technology. We have these screens. This network. And yet, we are lost, alienated. We destroy each other, and our mutual home.

We lost our connection to one another, and our life-sustaining planet. Once, we were born into a solid faith and tribe.

Now, we are connected, yet divided, loving of an “in-group.” But wary of the “out-group.”

The shocking, yet simple truth that is so hard for so many to grasp it that we ALL belong. Nature is true, unbiased, real.

It is childish act to ask that which is greater than ourselves (God) to be biased. Only a small, selfish faith would ask for that.

Together our work is to end oppression and exploitation. We must reunite with our new selves.

Written by

Ecopsychologist, Writer, Farmer, Defender of reality, and Cat Castle Custodian.

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