Flowers Are More Than Plants

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Floral parades are common throughout the world. Photo by Christyl Rivers

Flowers are telling you to slow down and breathe

Have you been enjoying the spring into summer time of the year? If not, stop at some point in the next twenty-four hours and sniff a flower. Flowers offer beauty, scent, color, shade, texture and of course food, for you today.

Even if you have had a crappy day, full of stress or conflict, flowers will aid your psyche. If you ate any food today, that is the fruiting, grain, or nut that was once a flower. Not all flowering plants are not edible, although some provide more reasons to live rather than just mere food.

Stress researchers and therapists are concerned with our obsessive addiction to the devices that we use. Even in a public park, you will see that they draw attention away from the healing power of flowers, and every aspect of our natural surroundings.

We need flowers. Not just for our food, but for the joy and romance they offer. For the comfort that they offer when a loved one dies. We need them for culture, for music, for parades, for food ways. Even for the ‘Dance of the Flowers’ (this is a Tchaikovsky ear worm alert), to help you remember flowers. We need them to remind us we belong. We need them to help us appreciate, to learn, to explore, to raise our children and define what is of value? We need them to see the harmony provided by bees, birds, squirrels and others that hum along together to show we are natural beings in a natural system.

This system flows through each of us through the air created by plants, trees and ocean organisms that make our oxygen. It is on a micro scale. It is on a macro scale. It is everything that connects you to the reality of belonging.

Last, but not least, all plants offer livelihood, and the raw materials that eventually recycle through to metals and minerals that compose our devices. Think about that, you could not have the coolest, updated smart phone without flowers.

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Ecopsychologist, Writer, Farmer, Defender of reality, and Cat Castle Custodian.

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