Gotta Go Because Some Guy Is Here To Buy My Home

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Christyl Rivers, Phd.
2 min readMar 18, 2022


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This Real Estate Market Is Insane, But Will It Crash?

I won’t have much time to write today because yet ANOTHER buyer is coming over in a few moments.

This is only astonishing because our home is not for sale.

We are planning to move to the Seattle area, but we are not ready yet. We wanted to clean, repair, paint, de-clutter and do all the usual work.

But we worry we better just sell. Housing costs on the shallow side of the ocean are frightening. Homelessness on the west coast is a thing.

Interest rates were just announced to be going up again. This may take some time to be reflected in housing costs, but it does make one jittery if you wish to avoid a crazy 2008 crash.

At that time, we had just overpaid for our home. The one I am in now.

It took years for our new home to be fished out from being “underwater”. That is the term that is used when a house costs you much more than it is worth. You still owe the lender. Your mortgage is much higher than what you can sell the property for.

Lenders, by the way, are thieves. Yes, Wells Fargo, I am calling you out. So many people lost their homes, and of course the affordable housing problem is just getting worse.

Sorry, gotta go.



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