Hawaii Erupts And People Hardly Know It

Christyl Rivers, Phd.
3 min readDec 2, 2022
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The biggest mountain on Earth explodes…

The biggest mountain on Earth, Mauna Loa, explodes, but more people are watching sports than noticing it.

We live in a world with so much digital distraction, on any given day we don’t know half of what is happening.

We moved from the Big Island just over five months ago; it is always very dynamic. Our Pahoa family (parents) home was buried in lava in 2018.


With the world being so distracted right now, it seems too much is happening all at once for anyone to notice the one billion perturbations of geology that helps drive all our lives.

A super-volcano event could counter climate heating with global cooling, but don’t count on it. It’s better to rely on human beings to make a difference.

One thing that really hits home during a disaster, is the vast difference between community support and our insurance corporations. There is also our official paid support by our taxes, FEMA, CDC, etc. and other such entities. They tend to be poorly funded and organized; people do not always see them as heroes.

Neighbors, on the other hand, usually step up and muddle through the confusing and overwhelming logistics with great grace.

During the Pahoa eruption of fissures of Kilauea, everyone in the community rallied together to help others move belongings, rescue some of the domestic animals, provide rides, and provide temporary shelter, food, water, and more.

No human beings died.

Sapiens is more than saps

It tells me that when we rely on one another we make the biggest difference. When we rely on something we buy commercially-like insurance — there is an extremely uneven outcome. As in Florida, Puerto Rico, or similar events with storm/fire damage, many people can not afford insurance.

In an unfair system, many people have help and compensation, and many do not. That seems very weird for a nation as rich as the USA.



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