Healthcare Plan Nine From Outer Space

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GOP brought to you by Sergey Kislyak and Natasha, the cold war spy. Photo credit: Leilah publications

It took them years to craft it, to trumpet it, to blare

But at long last friends, drink to our health, We get affordable healthcare!

It took years upon years, grinding voters to grit, and how they did campaign

All worked hard for it, our electorate, spun as a vortex down a drain

How much money was spent, and spleens were vent,

How many tax breaks, and how many rules were bent!

The important thing was to repeal and replace,

It’s greater than plan number nine, the one from outer space,

Mind well what they say, keep the doctor away, hold tight to any wealth,

If poor, or of color, or female, hold on for dear life to your health.

A GREAT bill is in, a rich person’s win. They offer hard-won healthcare,

To help young and old, their gift is bold, except for your health, or your care.

Heart Click, Hope you will share this story and your thoughts, Christyl Rivers

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Ecopsychologist, Writer, Farmer, Defender of reality, and Cat Castle Custodian.

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