How Earth Can Support Another Three or Four Billion People

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Our Earth is tired. Abused. Poisoned. Stripped. Overheated.

If the Trump administration succeeds in taking critical healthcare and choice away from women and their families, we go from a safer world where women can choose a plan B pill, (the easiest morning after dose to prevent an unwanted pregnancy) to a world with no Planet B, upon which cranky humanity must fight over productive land and seas, and accommodate ever more refugees of war, racial and religious strife, and climate change disasters yet to come.

Our planet is feeling stressed and we are ever more stressed with her. But we need more people?

Yes. We need for women to be seen as people. Not more bodies, more personhood. Not more babies, more choice for education, more chances to grow economies, more autonomy and more minds engaged in science and engineering. More freedom for men to share the earning load. More freedom for men to become strong nurturers. More freedom for men to not only share arms in battles and wars, but to promote the blessings of peace, as well.

Men have the dubious distinction of being more successful at suicide. There are at least two in my own family. But giving men permission to use their God-given tear ducts as readily as they are given permission to use their competitive skills and confidence allows them to open up whole new world stages to wisdom, brain-storming and team building.

We can not make more space for billions of more people to be born, but we can take the people power we already have and make the very most of it.

More Men For Women

We don’t need more women to fight for equality as much as we need strong men to fight for it. It is not that we don’t need more female feminists. We need them. But even more-so, we need the males. Until males stand up and demand equality and shared power, we will get dictatorial leadership that empowers one strongman above all other men, and all men above women.

In the same blind ranking, whites are generally put before people of color, and living beasts and ecosystems are put last. This is although it is clearly established by science that we need all parts of all systems to be at their best if ecosystems are to remain healthy. We cannot sustain healthy lives on Earth without a foundation of healthy environments.

As just one example, women are the water bearers of the world. Giving one the tools to get clean water into her hands, and time for school opens doors that could lead to fewer waterborne diseases over all. And it’s been demonstrated repeatedly, that girls in school are far less likely to bear babies in poverty. At the same time, they are more likely to become skilled earners, and then contribute not just to her own family budget, but to entire communities.

At present, females at far more likely to be kept out of school. They are more likely to become parents at an early age. They are more like to suffer both physical and sexual abuse, including bodily harm as well as ubiquitous harassment.

Don’t tolerate any treatment of others that you would object to if it were you being mistreated, from the casually sexist comment to the blaming of the victim of any mental, emotional or physical violation.

Earth Needs Fewer People, but More Persons

Mother Earth is the ultimate woman, as much as the Sun is the father of life through warmth and photosynthesis. Don’t go against your mother. She could get nasty when she’s mistreated. You need only to look as far as the gulf states under water, or the northern and west aflame.

In the last major US election, we saw a lot of grief directed toward white women who voted for Donald Trump, a poster-boy, puppet for unfair, rigid hierarchy. But did white males overwhelmingly vote for Ms. Clinton? And if not, why was so much blame assigned to white women? Many men voted against their own mothers, wives, daughters and sisters. This should not be okay with you.

Identity politics did not help the situation, but there was so much more blame to go around that accusatory fingers could be pointed in every direction and likely hit targets from Putin to pundits. Scapegoating alone accounted for every vote that sought to shoot down immigrants, muslims, feminists, gender fluid people, and even underrepresented, socioeconomic classes.

It’s okay to be against injustice to your mother, sister, daughter or co-worker. But why not treat people as people just because they are as human as you are? That is the true test of equality, not needing to amend wrongs because of some relational connection, but being willing to do what is right because people are fully as human as yourself. Treat them with dignity and respect.

Seeing females as people, and counting them as equal citizens with voice, choice, empowerment and autonomy has never been more crucial. We need to protect sustainable life on Earth, and that means more hands on deck, more voices providing solutions, more education and more options for women to escape drudgery and embrace enlightenment.

Please share and let me know your thoughts, many thanks, Christyl Rivers

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Ecopsychologist, Writer, Farmer, Defender of reality, and Cat Castle Custodian.

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