I loved your article. Every wanted child is a blessing. It is the unwanted children (carbon footprints) that are the issue.

As an ecopsychologist and a couple’s counselor, I know you are spot on about the work of marriage. As a farmer, I also share your values for non waste.

But I did feel a pang when you talked about having nine children because my miscarriages , infertility, illness etc meant we could not. Where there is a will there is OFTEN a way, but that is not always true.

I was a christian and still consider myself one, but it doesn’t mean I can have faith in a God. Instead, I see the creation (nature) as the ultimate all knowing deity. One, I respect, and thank you for caring about.

Your article has prompted me to write an article next about the joy of having children which not all of us can do. We may at some point “adopt” grandchildren,(we’re older now!)but it’s not the same. Instead, we are creating a trust fund to be given to nature and wild life conservation all our assets when we go.

We will never know the joy of an extended, loving, full family , however, and maybe that’s how I know there is no God.

Thanks, Heather, for indulging me in these thoughts,

Written by

Ecopsychologist, Writer, Farmer, Defender of reality, and Cat Castle Custodian.

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