I Want To Win The Hearts And Minds Of The Freedom Truckers

And provide everyone with the means they need to reconnect

Photo by Ümit Yıldırım on Unsplash

Very Unpopular Strong Opinions Blog by Christyl Rivers

They are doing all the behaviors most of us hate.

They are shouting. Disrupting. Spewing Diesel. Blaring horns. Vandalizing.

They are wreaking havoc and growing in popularity. They are, in short, hostage-taking, and terrorizing.

I want these guys on our side.

A side of fries with that

What side? The side that demands liberty, human rights, freedom from tyranny. The side that recognizes when we are being duped, gullible, and used for political purpose.

Some of them do not seem to get that yet. They are not clued in that they are just small fries. They are a very small minority of useful shouters.

Far right-wing whackos and far left PC “snowflakes” are not representative of most of our human family.

That said, wanting liberty, fairness, justice, and a better world are human values.

Climb aboard

We seem to have lost track of our human values, to have air to breathe, freedom to live, work, earn, and not be at constant war with one another.

Populists like the former president of the USA and Bernie Sanders are so onto something.

They see our discontent and run with it.

That some rely on lies seems almost irrelevant, they gain following.

Some are so deep into conspiracy theory that all they can detect anymore — even without their masks — is the smell of BS. (This time, I am not referring to Bernie Sanders who seems to make an effort to tell it straight.)

Let’s realign with people who want great green jobs building high speed rails and ditching the lonely, low paying jobs of mining the junk, assembling the useless garbage we all consume, and delivering the trash.

I am certain my tone comes across as condescending, but I never said I was the right person for the job of convincing everyone to get aboard the same team, our whole human team.

I just know that is the only way we will all survive.

Keep on trucking?



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