In Addition To Dead People, Guns Kill Our Most Sacred Belonging

Forget everything you know about hunting, and just consider suffering itself

Christyl Rivers, Phd.


Photo by Laura College on Unsplash

Roaring Rivers

Unpopular Strong Opinions by Christyl Rivers

Guns are a deadly thing in America, also, in the woods

Please spare me about how all hunting men are conservationists. Some are. Some are not. What we do know is that we cannot sustain eight billion people all hunting, or over-harvesting, as it is more accurately called.

(And, yes, factory farming and ranching, have even more enormous costs. There are many articles about that out there, already. Ironically, hunters often hit the drive-thru for a planet-busting burger.)

So, let’s just talk about one topic, a goose.

Suffering happens when you wound someone. It is when the animal, or the habitat, is hurt by preventable actions.

We are birders. We watched a goose trying to land with her flock. There was an injury to her wing. One expert told us it was probably ‘duck shot.’ It is likely that a hunter shot her and missed — mistook the winging goose for a duck.

The goose lives 24/7 with this injury that does no earthly good for anyone. It’s winter and keeping up with her flock and food means life or death.

Does she circle the man who hurt her in his bad dreams? I doubt it. The goose is only one of the millions of suffering animals out there.

Don’t get me started on poaching and/or ‘varmint’ extermination, we would be here till the moose cows come home.

Then there is the problem of toxic lead. To summarize, it poisons wildlife, habitats, and people. Less lead, please.

The contamination is not confined to gun ranges.

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