Latest Scandal Scoreboard: An Update

Vanity trumps sanity

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Trump: Vanity Fair? Christyl Rivers

Latest vandal, most recent tweet?
Latest scandal, corruption replete.

Latest wall? Colorado needs protection.
Latest protocol? Ignore what needs correction.

Latest careless mess of his campaign?
Latest quid pro quo against Ukraine.

Latest scapegoat, Maybe Schiff?
Latest turn-coat, Maybe Mitt?

Latest core, internal blackmail?
Latest horror, Kurd betrayal.

Latest worst, “best” people, who “serve us”
Too many villains, makes us nervous.

Latest treason? Hand Putin more power.
Latest reason: Distract? Every hour.

Latest misogyny? Let’s just ignore all those ladies.
Latest dishonesty, All guys were immature in the eighties!

Latest storming of investigation?
Latest weaseling out with their abdication.

Latest Fox news witch hunt weather?
Pelosi is a witch, diabolically clever.

Latest use of “lynching” offensively?
Mutilating both meaning, and our history

Latest 85 + cuts to Environmental protection?
Latest plight of our planet does not rate a mention.

Latest bratty tantrum? Oh, wait, it’s noon!
Another random bat-crap fit is flaring soon.

Latest powerful, old, rich, white guy mistreatment?
We’re exhausted, dear world. …Maybe, latest impeachment?

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Ecopsychologist, Writer, Farmer, Defender of reality, and Cat Castle Custodian.

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