Let The Price Of Gasoline Go Up To $20

Unpopular, but stay with me just a moment

Christyl Rivers, Phd.


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Gonna have to face it, you’re addicted to sludge

We are addicted to gasoline. We lapped up all the greenwashing lies that said we are doing so much better, and using “transition” fuels, such as natural gas. We are investing in algae-colored, green-washing, smears of reality.

No real serious investment is going into make algae energy; it was just a way to make big oil pretend as if they are confronting our peril.

We even bought into the super effective lie that each person much mind their carbon foot print, and never look over there at the man behind the climate-heated, on-fire landscape curtain. They are the ones pulling the levers, keeping the funds flowing to corporate ghouls and law-makers while people and planets unravel and die.

Everyone will howl when the cost of gasoline goes up to $20 a gallon and beyond. Even me. But, it’s time to see the real cost of sucking this stuff out of the ground and pouring it all over our atmosphere, water, soil, and food. That is much more costly than $20 per gallon.

The costs of weather catastrophe alone exceeded $145 billion in 2021. It was the third most costly disaster year in terms of costs to you, the public, and more storms are brewing on the horizon.

This cost does not even reflect the costs of pollution, degradation, respiratory illness, habitat loss, and much more.

The people paying the costs, (and the ecosystems) however, are not the ones raking in the profits. This massive divide is why we are where we are. We can also demand that they pay reparations and rebate some of that $20 per gallon. They owe the whole world.

Keep it in your finance

Do not let anyone tell you the cost of keeping it in the ground is the lesser cost.

The cost of our clean up, and the disease, death, and disasters, is only increasing. Given tipping points we can’t easily discern, the cost of doing nothing is far higher than we can even know.



Christyl Rivers, Phd.

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