Make America Great Again: Put A Man On The Moon

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The moon can be a great shade of orange, if we all pull together

We can redefine greatness, and maybe lunacy as well

America once led, even inspired, the world in the realms of science, knowledge, exploration, hope for humanity, democracy, equality, and freedom for all.

Then, 2016, and WTF?

I submit that we once put a man on the moon and we can do it again. We can put even more than one, especially if the present administration will allow the $2.99 it has budgeted for science research to be increased up to as much as $4.99.

It is important to dream, and to dream BIGLY.

Not that it will be easy. Big organizations like NASA will likely be wanting food, water, and air to breathe while they perform their important work. They will have to suck it up and learn to engineer without all those fancy-schmancy things like resources. With EPA and other government shutdowns, a lot of smart people will be needing work. They should take what they can get, and not be so particular.

Something like a century ago, the world was enmeshed in a Great World War. It’s hard to say exactly when, where, why, and how, since education funding has been drastically cut back.

However, we still have those forty-five second intervals where Miss Dyer, the lunch lady, pokes her head in to class room between bear warning alarm drills and prayer group where she tells us:

“There were some guys in wigs. They revolted against some king. Then there was a civil war. People of different shades were debated. Then something called Germany plunged the world into two great wars. Something about Jews, — Jesus and Einstein type people. Then Kennedy was shot, maybe to the moon — details sketchy — anyway, lunch will be beanie-weenie and LOTS of Coke and Pepsi. Have the right change.”

A few people remember that the guys in wigs were scientists and statesmen as well as slave-holders, but some of their ideas were okay.

And although many of us still mistake Anne Frank for Kendall Jenner, (because the U.S. Ministry of Hotness — formerly NOAA and NCDC — has approved several hot, young women as national heroes) well despite the confusion, we can truthfully ask “When has public education ever been more accessible to so many, even to morons?”

Therefore, it is time to reinvigorate all of our science and technology forces.

They have always said only a nut would think of going to the moon, but think about this.

To quote that great American, Anne Frank (or was it Angela-Viola Davis?) “It is time.” She also said “Stand up for something or you will fall or anything, today’s mighty oak is yesterday’s nut that held its ground.”

Okay. So maybe is does not matter so much who said what to whom, or what is science anyway? Or more specifically, as our fearless leader has stated, “Who knew anything would be so complicated?”

‘Complicated’, indeed, is a four syllable word, which means ‘See You Later if I’m able’. Although, as usual, most people have no idea what the POTUS is talking about, it is important to keep our faith, believe in America, cry when red, white, or blue stars and stripes wave on our viewing screens, and be angry when anyone suggests we are not America First!

We can be first again. We can be the first nation in history to send our greatest ever American to the moon as the greatest national hero the world has ever known. We will even credit him with the invention of Lunar On-board Orbital Signal Recordings, or LOOSR, when he is convinced someone is receiving his Lunar tweets.

Our science and technology innovations will only be rivaled by our values once education returns like gullible geeks to a Star Wars release.

We, America, will be the greatest.

Please share with the little heart, and comment with your two cents, it means so much to underpaid writers

Ecopsychologist, Writer, Farmer, Defender of reality, and Cat Castle Custodian.

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