March For Fairness, Science, And Climate, Or I Murder This Cute Kitten

My name is Fuzzy Iz . I can haz world worth living in, PLEAZ?

Please join your many fellow humans who are marching this April to create a better world

That’s metaphorically of course.

I would have to blow up Fuzzy-iz to Fuzzy-bits as a thought experiment, or put her in a Schrodinger’s Cat box where one could not determine whether she exists in any of her nine lives or not.

It’s just that I was really stuck for an article title. And, like most things about the scary world today, going out on the internet can make you downright nihilistic, or empower you to take action.

Although pictures of cute baby animals and their shenanigans will always offer you reasons to live for one more hour, there is a more meaningful, altruistic, and lasting action you can take.

March for fairness, truth, and sustainability this April.

To segue like a writer from Schrodinger’s superposition to your Super Position of taking a stand for reality and against tyranny, it’s very crucial to your world that you attend any and/or all of these Marches planned in April. Most have sister marches in most big cities, and even worldwide. Let’s look at them individually.

The Tax March falls on Income Tax Day, April 15. Its diverse organizers claim no political party, but are requesting that President Trump release his past tax returns as has been the policy of every president in recent years. They also urge tax reform, representation of human beings before corporations, an even playing field for all citizens, open and transparent policy, economic justice, and ethical safeguards to ensure special interests do not continue to get away with corruption.

In other words, taxation should ensure everyone pays their fair share for public benefit. Not much to argue against there. People are advocating fairness and truth. Which brings us to:

The March For Science, April 22, is organized to create awareness about the important role that science plays in health, safety, economies, and governments. In the face of very real threats that are dismantling public agencies and programs that inform and benefit the public good, the March For Science is a call to defend your climate, food, air, water, land, and jobs.

In an age of alternative facts and fake news, science and objective, empirical truth itself is vital. The march, sometimes characterized as the “Scientists March” is not just for scientists. It is for anyone, of any party, who recognizes every understanding we have of the natural world helps preserve that world for you (and all the cute You-Tube baby animals). Research funding, evidence-based policy, access and inclusion for citizens, as well as the role of education, public safety and community benefit, high standards, and implementation of new technologies for continued progress are emphasized.

And just in case you were too busy doing your taxes, or defending your technology enhanced job for the first two marches, you certainly won’t want to miss this:

The People’s Climate March, on April 29, like the historic, worldwide, 2014 marches before it, began with Human activity is pumping out nearly 40 billion tons of CO2 annually and we have exceeded the recommended 350 parts per million (350 ppm) of pollutants into our atmosphere. Climate change is real, happening, and best of all can be combated while promoting clean fuels, economy, jobs, and justice.

Every choice you make every day affects your planet. Droughts, fires, floods, famines, disastrous storms, epidemics, resource and political conflict — and their refugees — all are driven by climate change. But we can fix this by simply being the greatest generation there has ever been.

We can make the WORLD GREAT again (or maybe for the first time.)

All three major marches are aiming for Washington DC, although almost every major city on our imperiled planet is also participating. And we hope you will join us, wherever you are.

If you missed the 1960’s peace demonstrations, the MLK march, Earth Day 1970, or any significant movement that struggled to be on the right side of history, you owe it to yourself to get out there and have a voice. There are many other worthy movements out there. We should not belittle any of them, but these three are the largest publicized for this month.

Please don’t make me destroy this kitten, even metaphorically. Although pet overpopulation, including cats that over-procreate, does kill lots of endangered species, they are too cute to be our scapegoats. Instead, acknowledge empowerment is more effective than blame.

Of course, if humanity does not take action as soon as possible, the many kits, cubs, puppies, (especially endangered species) and more will die by our neglect. Seriously. Not metaphorically.

The world’s taxation system, the world’s natural laws, and the world itself depends upon all of us to do the right thing.

Please share and respond, it is very appreciated, thank you, C.R.

Ecopsychologist, Writer, Farmer, Defender of reality, and Cat Castle Custodian.