March Like Your Life Depends Upon It On April 29th

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It’s time for everybody to stand up for protecting a life-sustaining planet

Why are we hearing so little from our leaders who should be leading the Peoples Climate March, April 29, 2017? Get your walking shoes out to attend in almost every major city on Earth, with international sister marches planned worldwide.

Action and participation are your tools for empowerment. Use them. March like life depends upon it, because it does.

The state of the planet affects the economy, social justice issues for women and people of color, the amount of breathable air, edible food, and what space we have for life-sustaining biodiversity. Our energy needs influence national security, the refugee crisis (just beginning) and global conflicts over resources. Then there are the effects of pollution,water contamination, and destroyed ecosystems.

Climate change is here with the floods, fires, droughts, famines, refugees, war/conflicts, defense insecurity, hurricanes, and super storms that will only continue to increase. Dedicated souls marched for fairness and reform weeks ago for the Tax March. Even more people came out to support the March For Science, in hopes that the geek shall inherit the Earth. But the People’s Climate March should be massive, because everyone breathes air. It should inspire leadership, even if it is just for political, self-serving publicity such as the Trump administration craves.

The Economy and healthcare, obviously, have to do with what people require to live. We should invest in the sustainable economy revolution. Then there are the civil rights issues of people who most are affected and injured by Climate Change, such as in New Orleans, Flint, Standing Rock, or flood, drought, and fire victims globally. Food shortages and unrest are also tied to climate, and disrupted weather patterns, depleted fish stocks, bleaching reefs, and acidic oceans, as well as arctic melt affect tourism and its many related industries.

Inclusivity: Rally to restore planet E. You belong to a whole inter-connected system, and there is no Planet B.

BLM and the Women’s March movement are closely associated with these issues because worldwide, oppression persists. Whole communities are affected when women are not allowed to choose their fate, family size, health, economic freedom, and leadership status. Poverty, disease, exploitation of the vulnerable, and crime results from this neglect. Overpopulation and deforestation is driving extinction, epidemics, and starvation.

We desperately need a Martin Luther King inspired leader, or a Lincoln, TR, or FDR, to show the people there is at least an interest in the fact that: everything that has everything to do with everything on our planet. Our elected officials are fools if they are not all over this. History will speak ill of them if they don’t show some concern for the present, to say nothing of future outcomes.

I am an Ecopsychologist. We learned decades ago that the human psyche, mental, spiritual, and physical health are all tied to nature, nature’s laws and our 21st century disconnection from our own Eco-systems. This has to be addressed. Our separation from nature, as Einstein observed is an illusion. It is a very dangerous illusion, more so now, than even Einstein could know.

There is more than just a passion on my part to address these issues, to blog, write and speak about them, to inform and to suggest empowerment is better than blame, and denial is not something we should waste time upon. Deny climate change is human-caused if you must, but no one can deny that clean is better than dirty, or that social welfare and health matter, or that equality is not a worthy aspiration. No one even tries to deny the veracity of these concepts. They reflect strong American values.

Demanding green jobs is wiser than perpetuating black lung or blowing up mountains. Insisting on permanent jobs is wiser than risking temporary booms and increased carbon in the air. Insist on safe air, water, and food. Demand an improved economy and protect science and environmental research.

We see corporations going for their own interests over moral motivation, but even the profit motive is finally going towards clean, sustainable industry. The very least our leaders could do is join them there.

Please, acknowledge and honor our Earth and the opportunities we have before us to make life a priority. And March on April 29, 2017.

Very Sincerely Yours,

Christyl the Science Gal

Ecopsychologist, Writer, Farmer, Defender of reality, and Cat Castle Custodian.

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