Mississippi Declares Women Almost Persons!

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Girls in school, Next, they’ll want the vote. Photo by Christyl Rivers

Can legal protection for same sex couples be far behind? Probably.

Both Chambers of the Mississippi Legislature signed a bill into law March 7, 2018,indicating they are thoroughly onboard with Women’s History month honoring the fairer sex. Some might say the patriarchy men are the unfair sex. But this is about policy. The Abortion bill restricts a woman’s right to have an abortion at fifteen weeks or more.

The move is called State Bill 1510, because that is the precise time in the Year of Our Lord, 1510, that Governor Phil Bryant nostalgically seeks to return to for his state. So, you have come a long, long way, unborn baby.

If you think this is primitive, hold on, the house bill protects unborn boys and unborn girls. That is, as they say down here, “We’re letting ’em live in Thigh cotton,” because you, see, “They ain’t always goin’ to live once they is outta the womb.” In a place where poverty is widespread — more than twenty percent of the population lives below the poverty line — survival is a miracle. But living in utero is an excellent choice, almost like housing.

Women, incredibly, in Mississippi have the legal right to housing, unless landlords can accuse them of being LBGTQ. Thanks to other House bills, they may also be fired from jobs for any religious reason the state can pull out of its rather intolerant pie hole.

The abortion bill, for example, allows no exceptions in cases of rape or incest. Why should they? Logically, after all, a slut that allows someone to have sex on her is no better than someone who goes looking for it. Truly, isn’t it slut shaming to say only girls who have sex should be punished by Jesus, governors, and the almighty — and the state?

That’s just science. And, bonus, it’s an honor, almost personhood, to note we have come so far as a state that we can say it’s just as helpful for a brand, spanking, new mama to bring an unwanted child into this world regardless of whether she got knocked up due to her personal choice. Or whatnot. Or not.

An unwanted, unborn child is protected. And that’s pretty special.

Governor Phil Bryant made much fanfare about his support of the bill, having declared “I want to make Mississippi the safest place in America for an unborn child.” He also has lauded the fact that there is only one clinic left in the state to help women requiring an abortion. Around these parts that’s referred to as thinking “The sun, I do declare, does come up to hear him crow.” And crow, as we all remember from Jim Crow times, is progress.

Noting the hard-earned human rights people have come to expect in Mississippi, where early childhood mortality is the highest in the USA, and nearly twice as high for People of Color, government officials can now move on to making sure women still seeking their constitutional rights can find Handmaiden outfits that befit their proper place. Red. But not too red, because a woman carrying her unwanted and forced birth child shouldn’t be as humiliated as someone who is a scarlet harlot, or a president accuser. She’s not the whore of Babylon. She’s just the whore of Beauregard, or, Bolivar County, Mississippi.

Who knows? This progress could even lead to a day in the far, far future where even children with the temerity to have been born may begin to gain a right to life. Imagine it. Even children born female may someday rise up to embrace personhood.


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