My Hands Tremble As I Try To Say Just How Much I Love My World

Faith is more important than ever before — and so is action

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Africa diversity Christyl Rivers

Enfolding the whole world in our arms is hard

But few people on Earth noticed. Our human “other” ness had brought about yet another mass murder, in Sri Lanka, this time. Most people are still stuck thinking we are separate, that we must compete rather than recognizing our common origins and destinations.

2020 Vision for hope

Earth day is over. But the fiftieth anniversary of Earth Day, 2020 — the one where we need 2020 vision — looms in less than one year. We all have to do something.

There is no time to waste, there is no Earth to waste

The terrorist attacks of 9ll were horrendous, but air pollution alone kills seven million people a year. Why not use cleaner fuels for up to one half a million new, US, jobs and thriving economy? Perhaps because it gives us no one to scape-goat, no one to hate, except mother nature herself?

Happy for once

Does all this mean I am scared to death? Yes. And I am scared for you. But now I feel more hopeful than I have for decades. People are noticing that tiny boat we are in together. That is reason to hope. As much as I grieve for every being that we exterminate, I have hope, too.

We need to believe

If we can believe in our Apollo moon shot, we can make this Earth shot. We can fire all leaders who lack vision. We have roughly a decade before many millions more begin to die. This is your world. It was too exquisite for us to inherit, perhaps, when we couldn’t see the grace and beauty of belonging and equality.

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Ecopsychologist, Writer, Farmer, Defender of reality, and Cat Castle Custodian.

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