October is Bash a Bitch Month

With so much going on, you may have forgotten, or maybe taken issue with it?

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Did you know that October is Bash a Violent Bitch month? I didn’t. I thought that just the scary bio-pic of Phyllis Schlafly, Mrs. America, made October frightening enough already.

Thankfully, certain other detestable hate groups, such as the national republican party, or the Trump administration, has stolen all the croaky thunder away from such tiny toads as Robert Fisher, from a Voice for men (AVFM) and his much wished for holiday for hate boys.

This year, given the many circumstances that led to urgent street activism, a pandemic that disproportionately attacks the marginalized, climate crisis disasters, and oh, yeah, that election thing, all combined to take some of the attention away from misogyny.

We should not take our attention away from misogyny.

Because sexism and racism are most often found together. They are like peanut butter and jelly if peanut butter was penis-brain thinking and jelly was some slimy, squishy toxin. Men who frequent men’s rights sites think the penis is under-appreciated, even while they confuse a beautiful, WAP vagina with poison.

Sexism is a gateway to racism, xenophobia, and all bigotry because it usually blames progressive thinking, sometimes referred to as feminist thinking, as the cancer that has collapsed civilization. The manosphere itself has been referred to as the gateway for the Alt/right and domestic terrorism, for good reason.

It has to do, as do most problems of humanity, with the idea that females can reproduce. It they go all uppity and mate with “undesirables” such women betray white males. Such women betray the white race. Such women betray nature. Such women betray religion. Such women betray hierarchy itself.

In the weird circles that confuse peanut butter with power and jelly with corruption and contamination, the replacement theory, the idea that white male supremacy is slipping away to be replaced by “others” runs rampant.

Please do not misinterpret me. I love peanut butter and jelly. I love the penis. I love magnificent masculinity, but I am not crazy about the toxic kind.

Let change tact here. Yes, there are plenty of things to hate about the mansophere and the alt right, but let’s focus on love, instead.

There are many things I love, and one of them is strong, women- loving people who want to overturn the oppressive status quo. We know that sexism and racism hold us back. We know that a way forward without hate and bigotry is our only hope. We know that equality for all is the right direction for a humanity that wants to pass the test of keeping civilization. Or is it creating one for the very first time?

Worse than peanut butter or jelly, inequality is the steel wall, constructed of lies and solid stubbornness that keeps our species squandering all our energy fighting each other rather than uniting for Earth.

You may hear less hateful terms for “the cause of Western collapse.” It’s a liberal agenda, cultural Marxism, progressive Libtard, politically correct cucks, or whatever. Don’t be fooled, it’s all the same drivel.

Men’s rights began as a legitimate look as to why men feel depressed, alienated, emotionless and vulnerable in relationships. It began correctly. But somewhere in the 1980’s, it took a turn from simply celebrating masculinity with bro-bonding to degrading feminism. Feminism, rather than introspection at the male roles’ men are forced into, became the punching “old bag” for why males are not getting everything they wish. Add sexuality, and the idea that women are brazenly choosing who they wish to mate with and it was all too much to take for these men with angry fists but few pearls to clutch.

There have been some times when the B word is uttered in our home. However, we of our household do not find words such as N word, or B word, of value. They are in fact, both odious and are used to describe the same being: a person who is subjugated to do a supremacist’s bidding. All recent reclamations of the terms by the oppressed are used freely in other places, and that’s okay for them, I guess.

It is, as I will defend to the death, your free choice.

But bitch-bashing as promoted by former New Hampshire legislator Robert Fisher for the month of October is especially offensive to we who have been victims of domestic violence. It’s not just because mass shooters tend to be white, male supremacists, or even that representative power is uneven. It’s just that retaliatory “hitting” doesn’t quell violence, or hatred, but stokes it all the more.

Maybe there is a reason why kindergarten teachers do not advise scrappy playground combatants to just “fight it out until you achieve justice.” We do have rules with which to effectively separate the men from the proud boys.

In my house, and I hope in your house too, you don’t resent the penis or vagina, but adore them.

If you have no other take away at all, just cherish your partner.

It’s simple enough to find beauty, joy, delight and pleasure in one another, why keep destroying the world in order to try to prove one is superior?

How a person using privileged arrogance came to be called a dick, and a person displaying the opposite — cowardice — came to be called a pussy is worth examining. It is because we like binary, and in-group versus out-group, simplified thinking.

Other links are not so straightforward.

Replacement theory, heard in such chants as “Jews will not replace us,” came to us courtesy of Renaud Camus, a French author fretfully concerned about a worldwide nonwhite baby boom.

From that fear, the theory that women are ready to seize all power by using their mighty vaginas comes to us from many, many confused male voices — and it should be noted, many female voices — influenced for millennia from church, state, and family traditions.

When women do choose what they do with their reproduction and love lives, it does in fact mean, they are no longer serving other masters. For the fearful, this is easy to twist into “they are out of control,” rather than “Hooray, human rights!”

The patriarchy and early church recognized early on that women allowed any power would employ it to try to have better lives. Also, needless to say, you have to burn the witch, lest she inspire a lustful, and therefore, damning dream that weakens your male authority.

It’s October for just a little while longer now. We already voted in our home, did you? Brutality, sexism, and racism are always on the ballot, but never so obviously as they are this year.

Let’s celebrate the new administration by retiring Bash a Bitch month. Let’s welcome the first female vice president. Let’s make all the inequality protests of 2020 meaningful with real reform. Let’s invite the frightened boys into our embrace of a fuller, representational safe space. Let’s replace replacement theory with “What! You were of our race/gender species all along!?! Who knew? Hooray!”

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Ecopsychologist, Writer, Farmer, Defender of reality, and Cat Castle Custodian.

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