One Of My Favorite Poems On Monkey Humanity Is Misunderstood

Everyone of us is African American. I stand by the assertion that having a common “monkey” ancestor is not racist

Christyl Rivers, Phd.
3 min readMar 9, 2022


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We all began in Africa

First, I will present the poem.

It all began in Africa

It all began in Africa amid silken grass and tangled thorn
It all began in Africa where humanity was born
Under crossing clouds and soaring songs, across aching, arid lands,
A primate stood on her hind legs; her boy cradled in her hands
With this trivial trait — as she stood — our human track was set
This loving mum, unknown, unsung, scanned horizons still unmet

Amid twisting vine of code, and ever-branching tree
Her family fate untold, became humanity
Every blade, ever wisp of weeds, this is our kin too,
A memory we dearly need, she and her children knew
Among tree tops where big brain food drops, across vast sands of time
The echoes fall and our kin call, to reconnect, and realign.

It all began in Africa, now our sailing satellites
Wink above these eastern plains, on well-worn paths of light
It all began in Africa. All we are. All we know.
It all began in Africa, so many million moons ago.


This poem originated in Olduvai Gorge, on my one and only trip to Africa.

That was years ago, now. Since then, I have come to know new discoveries suggest that early hominids were also in western Africa. The “big brain food” theory is also in question. And, I have certainly come to resent the environmental harm — and light pollution — of launching too many “winking” satellites.

Nevertheless, although I think all human beings by nature of our big brains are largely biased —…



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