Only nature (God) can ‘save’ the planet, only hubris says otherwise, but if we can create holocausts, AGW, etc., we do have influence. As a christian baptized as an adult, I can confirm that we Christians (people who believe in love/sharing first, even if some of us no longer describe god as a patriarchal figurehead) I can confirm we believe that science studies nature as networks, not mere resources. Most scientists do not advocate hate, nor greed, nor superiority. In psychology we call it projection when someone thinks it is the “other” who is to blame, but we are all in it together, just as your cells are more than 90% non-human, as biology asserts. Finally, I am not sure where Matchstick U is, but critical thinking skills can be learned at great universities, such as mine, but also by observing human suffering, common sense, and nature, our best guide to how to learn to help one another, whether whale or snail.

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Ecopsychologist, Writer, Farmer, Defender of reality, and Cat Castle Custodian.

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