Pele Pours Her Heart Out In Puna. In Hawaii, Destruction is Creation

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Pele the creator of the island of Hawaii, just lets her feelings flow

In the Puna district of Hawaii, Pele is pouring fire into the forests, while people flee. Just off the thundering coast of Kapoho, where the 1960 eruption wiped out the entire village by that name.

The gods must be crazy, right? Not necessarily, perhaps the gods we invent are instead a reflection of ourselves.

There are times in great sorrow and loss, when every choice, good, or bad, rolls your life around like lava to the sea. There are also times when the drowned seed of a dream, a family, a purpose, or an actual flower bursts forth from what you thought was gone forever.

We don’t thank it nearly enough, but the creators beyond our understanding, such as the glowering hot passion of Pele, expresses power that points a cinder black finger toward death. It is the dying, the breaking, the loss, clearing and cleansing that makes way for birth. That birth begins what we call life.

After doing this a few times, Pele got Paradise. After people came here, Paradise got paved. But Pele has never stopped her red hot lover and fierce mother tendencies that keep creating life in places where we could not do it alone.

Life. Death. Add consciousness. More life. More death. Now those alive can choose because they have been handed the enchanted O’O (digging stick) that drills and kills, or becomes a staff to guard and guide.

Thanks to whatever gods may be, ours are the first minds we know of who have been handed that Promethean/Pele power to use as we would choose.

Nature, and our emotional well-belling now cradled in her hands requires that we respect and love. We cannot put faith in deities that show bias. Nature does not show bias. She makes all death from life, makes all life from death. It’s up to those of us on the stage, her players, to defend, protect, nurture all the inter-tangled species that we need for forests and oceans to make oxygen. It’s up to us to protect those who pollinate, balance populations, allow the birds and bees to bloom. We allow everybody from elephants to ants to farm and landscape it all,or we take it all away.

Yet, somehow, we are still fighting among our own species, to say nothing of our war on the rest of life on Earth which gives us life. And that must look very foolish to anyone watching over us. It may even look more foolish if we assume that what happens to us is up to us. What we do, as life-loving participants in the never-ending story, makes a difference.

Be happy. Not every creation has been given the choice to follow our better angels.

We may not yet have a technically advanced hose to spray-sculpt a lava flow into a lovely, rippled wall to hold back Namakaokahai’s (Pele’s Sister) own creative expression of ocean. But we do have the evolutionary gifts all creation gave us to care with kindness, to love with open hearts and to shame those who suggest we do not belong.

My heart goes out to those in Pele’s path. My family has been through it in Puna, but now we’ve,switched to the Kona side, where only the invasive species and their accompanying plagues wreak their island follies.

This may be the year my grandparent’s home there sloshes off its foundation, given we are entering hurricane season again and humans have spilled the seas a bit carelessly about by over-filling and warming them.

When you find your gift to give, your service to offer, and your task to both tremble and revel within, you will know lava hot passion and a joy beyond the whole, whirling cycle itself.

Think about it. What is love, where is love, if we never ached for a love we’ve lost? Then think about the miracle of life itself, self renewing, self-regenerating, magma becomes lava- becomes land-becomes forests, flowers, fruits and you and me. It also becomes the loves of all those yet unborn.

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Ecopsychologist, Writer, Farmer, Defender of reality, and Cat Castle Custodian.

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