Plague, Pandemic, Police, and Planet

Who are the world police? Actually, it’s up to you and me

Christyl Rivers, Phd.
4 min readNov 28, 2022


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Policing the “Permacrisis” — a new world needs new protections

The breathing apparatus of China has been on again, off again, for four years now. The COVID-19 pandemic began in China, and wandered globally, but also has never left, really. In China, it has mutated and gone up and down, a harsh metal slinky toy that winds around whole city blocks, strangling industry, but also people.

Freedom is a hard-won commodity anywhere. Whatever freedom you live with is only protected by constant vigilance, as the US, and recent world events and elections, demonstrate. China has to deal with some harsh restrictions.

Protests and police clash, so although we think of China as being very different than other parts of the world, there are people worn and torn by the plague and people demanding better everywhere, (and not just on the pandemic front.)

We also have a planetary global heating crisis driving storms, political push/pull, police problems, and police protests.

We appear to need some super helpful and friendly local traffic cops posted at every global intersection of people, planet, place, political office, plunder, ‘Plandemic’ and pandemic.

Let’s look at each of these. People are Chinese, Ukrainian, South American, Sudanese, British, and well, most of you will not be identified by your nation. There are also a growing number of nation-less people. People are Black, white, mixed, and everything in between. People are heterosexual, or LGBTQ+. They are young, old, rich, poor, privileged, disempowered, and/or healthy and unhealthy.

The very same can be said about the whole world. It is of every flavor, color, heat, cold, humidity, and aridity. Extreme change is accelerating due to the high number of people and disparity in wealth and emissions. The biosphere — that is sustainable life — as we knew it, is gone, or at least under severe threat by our sheer consumption of it.

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