Plant A Tree To Save The World

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A coffee tree you could grow on your building, Christyl Rivers

At last, even world leaders, are talking about climate change.

We see horrific headlines about our heating planet. It affects storms, crops, fires, refugees, and our infrastructure. Too much “dire” in the dire truth.

Doomsday predictions almost never work. But, doing something truly useful, even if doomsday is not upon us, matters. Psychologically, human beings need to feel needed, and appreciated. They also need to be active and “making a difference.”

Getting out and planting a tree is one of those differences you can make.

Think of everything a tree does for you, this very day: Paper, lumber, distribution pallets, and much more. They provide shade, beauty, food, and protection of water. They are the cheapest, quickest, and most-belonging- oriented tools out there, for slowing an accelerating, heating planet.

Personally, I would like to see jobs program for greening all our cities. I would like to see immigrants and asylum seekers offered a path to citizenship through climate action. As it is today, their entire plight is, not only insanely ineffective, it is also reported to be cruel and inhumane. Most, of all, the whole topic of a “border” crisis is divisive. The flare ups create useless debate and hate. What divides us weakens our nation. What unites us, heals.

All that energy, all that human potential, all that wasteful costs by taxpayers, could instead be harvest to address our climate crisis. The United Nations Trillion Tree campaign uses research from various universities and concerned scientists, to conclude that as carbon sinks, nothing beats a tree.

Of course, there is not just immigration stress on our nation. There is also healthcare, job income, inequality, and more. Just think of how all of those issues can be, at least ameliorated, by allowing everyone, everywhere, to be equal and appreciated in the act of doing something not just hopeful, but pleasant, soothing, and beautiful.

Cities are hot and need more trees. Rooftops and building sides can sport small shrubs, or even edible food. Protecting water sources is often a matter of keeping trees busy filtering contaminants from water.

Please arrange to plant a tree, to help defend Earth, as soon as you can. Plant, early, and often, it is guaranteed to help. There is tons and tons of data to back this up. Dr. Thomas Crowther, from a Swiss University, in Zurich, has described how adding just one trillion trees to our present three trillion out there, we make a huge difference.

With both public and private enterprises to plant, we can easily achieve the planting of one trillion. This number of trees, and reforestation, has to potential to erase up to ten years of the polluted carbon we have already added to our atmosphere.

As an ecopsychologist, I know that immersing ourselves in nature, is not just critical to our physical health, but also to our mental and emotional health.

You might think that is just too simple, but it’s true. Trillions of trees means we can create clean, fresh air, and benefit even more from their ability to store the muck, emissions we throw up into the sky each day.

Although some people might wish to use these statistics to assert that continuing to use dirty energy over clean, is acceptable; yet, tree planting will still do good in the world, even as polluting industry is slowly replaced. I see signs everywhere that people know this, and they care. When enough people care about ending our addiction to oil, new solutions emerge. And, even Isaac Newton credits a tree for the formulas he discovered that improved all of science, and potentially, all of our world.

What will tip the crisis response is public demand and empowerment, when citizens know they can influence legislation, and everyday life. This is already begun in Europe.

When the public knows and understands the importance of being outdoors, being part of a community, and most of all, counteracting the climate crisis with their own personal empowerment tools, they will gladly act.

Written by

Ecopsychologist, Writer, Farmer, Defender of reality, and Cat Castle Custodian.

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