Please Stop Calling The Trump Impeachment A Witch Hunt

You keep using that word. I don’t think it means what you think it means.

Thousands of women were burned alive in days past in Europe. More recently, in just the last few years, dozens have been burned alive across Africa. In India, they may not call them witches, but they call them whores, and they sizzle and burn the same way as those called witches.

When language has meaning, and intent

For years, now, Predator Trump has decried every criticism against him as a witch hunt. Or hoax. Or usually both.

But here is the thing. A witch hunt refers to a crime that did not happen. Witches did not sign pacts with the devil. Mid wives did not cast spells that caused cattle, horse, goat, or sheep deaths. They did not fly at midnight. They did not have lurid sexual encounters with cloven-hoofed demons at black sabbaths.

They just did not.

The term witch hunt, then, is meant to describe a victim held guilty for a crime that never occurred. In the Donald Trump era, however we have fake news, and the whole definition is reversed:

We have a criminal, and crimes, but no mob rule, or authority, that is trying to torture, maim, drown, or burn this man.

Donald Trump, who clearly has committed crimes — even on live television — to say nothing of getting his grubby little cloven tiny paws on women in pageant contests, airplanes, and dressing rooms. He steals from charities. He bilks people with phony university degrees. He doesn’t pay his workers. Presidential abuse of power is not considered a crime, but a high crime. He called for death penalties for innocent children, which may not be crime but sure is horrifying.

A witch hunt is an hysterical and out of control attack against people where no crime has been committed. It’s time, then to stop diminishing the reality of such history by calling for justice with this administration a witch hunt.

Just as it is indeed unconscionable to call anything less than torture, hanging and burning a “modern lynching,” it is not just inaccurate, but terrible use of language and meaning that is so culturally and historically insensitive I think some devil deal must be behind it.

In the thick of the witch hunts in Europe, the torture called “waking the witch” was employed to wring confessions out of innocent women. The woman was stripped naked, sat upon a three- legged stool, and not allowed to let her feet touch the floor. If they did, she was beaten awake. It was, simply put, torturous sleep deprivation, in a setting less posh than, say, Mir A Lago.

The sleep deprivation led to incoherent babbling that could be used as confession, or at least evidence, of her satanic pact with all that is unholy.

I say, we keep this part. Every time there is incoherent babbling and tweets, we take it as a sure sign that deviltry is in our midst.

Even so, we will not sleep deprive, nor maim, nor torture, nor lock up in cold, dank cells, any such perpetrators. But maybe we will be a bit less tortured for our vigilance.

Ecopsychologist, Writer, Farmer, Defender of reality, and Cat Castle Custodian.

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