President DeSantis, Pence, Carlson, Lindell, or … Who?

Will you vote for almost any anti-GOP candidate to stop the one who scares you the most?

Christyl Rivers, Phd.


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Where does his energy come from?

Sometimes it feels like the far right is so powerful because of what Greta might call their small dick energy. This has nothing to do with the size of influence a “member” of the house may have. Nor does it have to do with media viewers who share membership — and tribalism — with a large and angry MAGA demographic. It has to do with that kind of man who can be so criminal and cruel that their followers delight in the power that comes from getting away with stuff.

At least it is until someone (notably a loser) begins to lose so badly and so consistently, that all of a sudden he can’t even do live call-ins to Fox News and be worshiped like a golden angel proclaiming prophecy.

Getting away with stuff and having little to no consequence is a sign of tremendous power. We always have to investigate this energy source.

Looking at history, we can see powerful men who got there by lying, cheating, conning and simply asserting themselves into positions. But once the wool has been effectively pulled over the eyes of the working devoted, a guy like that can stay in power by appealing only to his bully thugs and his bully base.

The negative energy fed solely by a populous base is questionable for many reasons.

When enough people are scared of losing their jobs, lives, or reputation, a “bad and scary man” can touch everyone in places where they will be hurt.

Like the manufacturing sector. Or in the grocery store. Or in their voting district.

But just as importantly, bullies can stay in power because there are still millions of people who see getting away with stuff as a way to “own the libtards,” or “demon rats,” or “woke mob,” or do your own mad-lib fill in as you wish.

Name-calling and dehumanization is a long-storied and very successful way of othering the assumed enemy.

When it comes to issues such as education, equal rights, healthcare, climate, and any sort of bigotry, a fair share of bets…



Christyl Rivers, Phd.

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