Reports Of Animal Extinction Accelerating

Please consider helping to save them and recreate a living world worth having

Christyl Rivers, Phd.
2 min readOct 13, 2022


Photo by Chaz McGregor on Unsplash


Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright, What the Hell?

The World Wildlife Fund, the UN, CITES, the Zoological Society Of London, and many of the Union of Concerned Scientists are still trying to get the word out. Animal populations are crashing. Fast.

Tayna Steele, Chief scientist at WWF acknowledged that a 94% drop in animal numbers, over the last 48 years poses an urgent risk to many animals on Earth, including human beings. In The Amazon, “deforestation rates there are stripping this unique ecosystem not just of trees but of the wildlife that depends on them and of the Amazon’s ability to act as one of our greatest allies in the fight against climate change.” she said.

In many places, 70% of animals that were widely seen up until the 1970’s are gone. Far fewer bears, birds, frogs, big cats, wolves, and even small mammals. Less forest means more fires, more dust storms, more air mass disruption, more disease, and for many of us, more extreme grief.

As more of the Amazon is deforested, more species expire, including the vital carbon sequestration and soil-making capacity for necessary diversity. Vicious feedback loops for which we are unprepared and could irreversibly fall like dominate-rs out of Eden.

Debbie Downers just want our possibilities of hope to rise

If we lose these habitats, if we truly continue with eight billion people and growing — as if such world-providing services and resources are limitless, our crash — along with theirs — will be brutal beyond comprehension.

I think many human beings, living among fires, floods, and loss of beauty and wonder may seek suicidal ways out rather than face starvation, and worse.

If we have just as many people taking the heating planet and Sixth Extinction seriously, however, we could mitigate the worst damage with billions of volunteers and better investments in life itself.



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