Saving Nature’s Refuge In The Korean DMZ

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How To Create A Blueprint For Peace And Abundance: turn a threat of violence into a sanctuary bridge of natural art and biodiversity

An endangered Amur leopard cub pounces on her brother. A rare crested crane flies overhead. Green canopy shelters a host of biodiversity that chitters, growls, creeps, swims, soars and grazes. This is not a wildlife park, it is the land and waters between North and South Korea. A nearly two hundred mile long, and nearly, two mile wide strip, of what could, ironically, be called an Eden of the Far East.

The demilitarized zone that separates North Korea from South Korea has enjoyed an un-intrusive peace from human development and pollution for almost seventy years. This is despite some occasional landmines from decades back. For the most part, this part of the world, historically subject to the constant threat of war, has been largely untouched. It is an inspiration for artists such as Jae Eun Choi, and environmentalists of every kind, who work to tell the world we can not only create peace, we can share beauty and bio-diversity and spread the message of abundance world-wide. It is up to us — mostly foreigners — to insist upon our own preservation.

We have heard much this week about nations and policy, trust and mistrust. We have heard that if global leaders don’t play fair, all of us are threatened to expire miserably through nuclear war or radioactive fallout, or to just slowly poison ourselves with the toxins of fossil fuels and development that are increasing. Places like famine struck parts of Africa, fires in the US West, and Puerto Rico, are just three examples of what climate change and diversity loss have already wrought. The loss of ocean reefs, fish depletion, and deforestation continue. Politicians may be driven by popularity. They may deny what is true for the sake of a role on the world stage, but it is up to all of us, not them, to only allow them power if they sincerely seek peace.

Human beings can not always be trusted, but Nature can. It is the will of all people, not the politicians, who ultimately decide upon the fate of a region to become a haven, or a hell. We are made by nature, so we do not have to go along with every self-destructive habit that mere mortal domination suggests. Nature is objective, therefore honest, and despite entropy, during this Anthropocene, we still have a flourish of planetary life that is worth of appreciation and love. It is visible here, and cherished, by those who study it.

Korea, Russia, Syria, Burma, and so many more. Questionable leaders will fight like hell to rule as they see fit. That is why it is so important these days to fight like heaven to say no to inequity. Say yes to diversity, instead.

Organizations such as the DMZ Forum,, are worth a look, if you would choose empowerment over extinction.

Lots of pundits have pointed out the many flaws of dishonest diplomacy. But this is also a time to look at the good that people can do. People can, and have, fought hard for justice and for peace. NGO’s, UNESCO, thousands of life-loving organizations and scientists are joining ever more throngs of people who want a just and thriving world. That can only happen if our human values are inclusive, not just to other ‘races’ (hint: there are no other human ‘races’, we exterminated all others who were considered of the Homo genus.) It is upon us to demand an end to false leaders who promise prosperity and line their own pockets at the cost of our world. It is upon us to include not just other nations and cultures, but other fundamental. foundational species the world depends upon to preserve abundance rather than just gadgets.

There is no conflict between those who want shared prosperity, clean, green energy and infrastructure and those who value a rich, and rewarding world. It can hum and buzz with life, like the rare strip of refuge between North and South Korea, or it can buzz and roar with death. We can let fear overtake and manipulate our motives, or we can surge together to protect an Eden of the East.

Policy and police states come and go, but planets offer more than one path. We can align more closely with our shared values. Earth ourselves does not have to go the way of flames and hate. We can make the Korean Peace Bridge a model for more all around the world. Korea can reunite. We can reunite with our grieving Mother Earth. There is no rule that demands Korea becomes the Eden of the End Times.

There is no solid foundation built on terra firma made up from the promises of pundits or princes. Freedom itself, is an essence created by nature, and one we can truly build upon.

Listen to all the experts and pundits if you must. Think of policy, history, world wars, and carved up real estate. But afterward, find a gentle portion of nature to go and listen to the wind, birds, waters and world. Listen to what is true about life.

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Ecopsychologist, Writer, Farmer, Defender of reality, and Cat Castle Custodian.

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