Should We Keep Rebuilding Florida As It Sinks Into Rising Waters?

Coastal homes, Insurance, Immigration, The Poor, and More

Christyl Rivers, Phd.


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Florida flooded with fools

We have to keep rebuilding Florida. We have to keep repairing flooded gulf states. You know, the ones who got rich by enabling the climate crisis that is upon us.

Oil states. Exploding Oil rigs, spill states, shiny new lease to drill states, and inundated states lined up and ready for more Katrina, Fiona, and Ian-type events.

We have to rebuild.

We have to do these things not because they are easy, but because they are wet. Eventually, Florida will be underwater and Florida man jokes will morph into soggy, flaccid, saddest-member-of-America jokes.

Some people advise that we cut it off; castrate.

The water, the rising storms, the lethal pollution, and the water-borne illness will cost billions. Eventually, I expect trillions. They have been predicted for decades.

But lives, especially the lives of those who clean toilets for those with Mar-A-Lago type estates or just work at the store, need food, water, and shelter.

We must also not forget that Puerto Rico, also, is in the USA — and even other nations are populated with worthy beings.

Yet, we could rebuild with a smarter focus.

Adaptation and Mitigation

Florida, now without power, and almost always run by dim-wits, forbade the use of the term “climate change” less than a decade ago. The idea was that if we don’t mention it — like muttering the name Rick Scott, or Ron DeSantis, into the mirror three times — it won’t appear.

This did not work.

Increased ocean heat, the AMOC, the added water to the systems, and the fury of more energy ensure more water and wind lay ahead.

Much more devastation lies ahead.



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