Someone Explain To Me, Why Do We Have A FIFA World Cup 2022??

It seems truly embarrassing for a world in big trouble

Christyl Rivers, Phd.
2 min readNov 22, 2022


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The heat is on

The world is in a horrific crisis due to global heating. Yet, we are spending billions and billions to oil-rich nations, terrible corrupt organizations (like FIFA), enslavers, and bigots, and much more.

I do get the tribalism sports rah-rah stuff. We need games and diversions that keep us fit, especially mentally, right now. But I do not understand the intense passion for this particular event at a time when we could simply have nations create safe and fair games that seek to compete to save the most people, places, and the planet.

Maybe a sort of Red light/Green light sort of game to help fund refugees trying to find habitable places, or, have international players compete in habitat restoration. Any sort of athleticism that rebuilds after fires, floods, and more intense than ever storms would be welcome.

As has been reported everywhere, FIFA is among the most corrupt regimes ever created. Many people are enslaved to build the infrastructure for non-viable climates like Qatar where workers labor in (120+ degrees Fahrenheit) heat and live in brutal, overcrowded conditions.

Many of these bare-wage migrant workers are seriously injured, get sick, or poisoned, and thousands die over the course of stadium building and site creation. There are more plagues to come this century, let’s not forget, too! Then there are host countries with serious human rights abuse records. Do we really need to support more wealthy men who extract more oil from the ground, and hurt women, minorities, migrants, and LGBTQ+ people?

Tell me again how dirty energy promotion and infrastructure helps any living being on Earth in 100 years? Or, how importing people for modern-day slavery, is going to produce good things?

I have nothing against nationalism when it’s not fanatic. And there is no reason we can’t have sports, world fairs, be brave, strong, fit, and more. It’s wonderful to have international cooperation and do things like going to the moon, creating vaccines, boosting innovation, and even playing big games.

I know a big part of the reason people want sports is to celebrate what we can do. We should take pride in humanity when we do admirable things but maybe not so much when we look the other way as evil kicks the ball down the road.

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