Stop Saying Hillary Clinton Is Just More Unpopular Than Donald Trump

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Hillary Clinton lost for many reasons. There was not just popularity, or even blind anger on the Trump side. It was like political metaphor of Harvey and Irma got together and gave birth to a deluge of dangerous currents, winds of change and drowned dreams.

There was a perfect storm of racism, sexism, government corruption (think Citizens United and gerrymandering) media inattention, or over attention, puppetry, discontent, Russia and more.

To put it in casual rhyme, we had Bernie burners, slow learners, brownie point earners, cattle herders, spot-light turners, truth murders, low-wage earners, and revolution discerners.

Clinton has just begun to promote her take on the whole hot mess in her new book, What Happened? The book has again put Clinton out on a limb. Her detractors are gleefully wielding verbal chainsaws, greedily gobbling up every chance to knock her off that limb. They want her gone. Before she even hits the ground, they gloat that Clinton is out of her tree.

But Hillary Clinton is still standing on solid ground.

Clinton has been vilified for decades. She made a stupid email mistake. She was done no favors by her husband’s past or James Comey’s future. She is implicated in the most absurdist conspiracy claims ever made, from Cookie-gate to Pizzagate child sex rings.

For many, Hillary Clinton is the very face of feminism. This guaranteed she would win some votes and lose others. Still. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote.

She may be the first candidate in history for whom her long earned political savvy cost her votes. The misogyny flung at her was relentless and vicious. Trump’s sexism, on the other tiny, groping hand, was casual. Where he explains his “tremendous respect for women”, Clinton continues to see all people as deserving of human rights.

She was perhaps the last chance for the last suffragette to vote for a leading party nominated woman. Perhaps her many nay-sayers can also drown out the stampede of protests and marches that began day one of the Trump administration and continue to echo with the footsteps of new demonstrators every day.

Hillary sided with reality and history in choosing to believe the science and warnings of climate change. Even that cost her votes. She didn’t parse out her statements about green jobs for former coal miners very well. Her rival promised every audience a magic wish for whatever they wanted, be it a wall, a war, a master race, a return to the way we never were, or a square deal for the ever-oppressed white, male, old millionaire we can all become if we just believe hard enough in making America Great. Again.

The truth is, no matter what the media (whether fake news or ‘Alt’ left) declares, Hillary Clinton has every right to tell her story. She begins by owning a large share of responsibility. No one can even imagine Trump giving up a chance to blame scapegoats for any perceived loss. But she knows there is more to it than that.

Trump has been whining from day one that election fraud, Mexican rapists, Muslim terrorists, Clinton and Sanders voters, dems, repubs, and even US allies are being so mean and witch-hunty towards him. Where he sees a new enemy every day, HRC is calmly walking through wise forests and reflecting upon many truths — from the painful ones to the ridicules ones.

Hillary Clinton still has millions of supporters as a human being, even some who wish to see her in office. As a nation, then, to keep calm, carry on, resist and reflect seem like good ideas we all should consider.


Ecopsychologist, Writer, Farmer, Defender of reality, and Cat Castle Custodian.

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