Suddenly No One Wants To Host The Oscars

But almost everybody wants to be president

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Does anyone fall for a fish this year? Christyl Rivers

It’s 2019 and the Hollywood Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, better known as the Oscars, can’t find a host.

Once upon a time everybody wanted to host, but crap is happening all over the world. Venezuela hexed it. Bezo sext it. Brexit messed it. People are distracted, some are terrified, others are giddy with delight that Trump (and maybe) his wall are falling down.

Meanwhile a few of us are still annoyed with Hollywood still propping up sexual harassers of the world, still telling females and people of color to “don’t worry your pretty little head about that!” and still being whiter than Walter White Breaking Bad in a polar vortex.

Some of us cannot even recognize Lady GaGa without some sparkly Eiffel tower type headdress, we are so distracted.

And then there is the biggest distraction and concern of all. We went from a nation who elected actors of dubious talent such as Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger, to electing an extra loud con man off the carnival street.

Historically, even really, really bad actors once made the cross over from entertainers on the big screen to comedians on the world stage.

You may think the acting is absolutely atrocious. Yet think about it a bit and you realize that someone playing a retard, and a fool, is actually the wisest person out there. Crazy like a Non-FOX fox.

No one in the world is inspiring more activism and reform than Donald J. Trump, unless you count the countless chumps like us doing the hard work.

Only after the show is over and the confetti rains down like nuclear radioactive waste will we see what is really happening. In this situation we didn’t take a B actor off the silver screen, we took a Reality Show con-man off an ornate, orange tanning bed.

Elections are ridiculous, corrupted by money, influenced by treason, inefficient due to electoral college, under-representative (You, La La Land), vulnerable to social media, and ripe for reactionary rebels to mob in and throw their ignorant ignore (reality) rants around like hot spittle.

All these strikes against a fair election means everyone not presently still shopping for their Academy Award Show outfits are launching their campaigns.

Anyone not out to run, campaign, or canvas door to door had better vote, at the very least.

If not, you have already lost, and not just an Oscar.

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Ecopsychologist, Writer, Farmer, Defender of reality, and Cat Castle Custodian.

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