THanks for sharing. I am a feminist, which does not mean I feel and think the same way as every other feminist. I, for example, am more of the kind of feminist that Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter are. (but not identical) I am a scientist, and I know that all people suffer from some degree of racism, but again, there is not monolith in which you can lump together “All racists think this, All feminists think that, All misogynists think this.” People are all individuals. I work hard to never call names, and I think you too, will persuade people if you do not belittle or accuse. We are all different, our job is to embrace, accept and even love one another, even when we know some of us are far from perfect. So although it is true that people (even me) have some racist programming, all colors and all genders can work on this.

Finally, please remember that all feminists do not hate men. Many, Many of us work to help men heal from domestic abuse, and violence. We are your mothers, sisters, clerks, police, doctors and med techs, we are not a monolith setting out to hurt or demand equality. Most feminists LOVE men, that is why many feminists want to help men and women achieve fairness.

There is no real equality of opportunity or outcome, (yet!) but using our minds we can help others regardless of class, color, gender etc., We can live with all the gifts we can learn to share more compassionately, and see others as “US” not “them”

Would love to talk further, but admitting this is not a culture war, but a world in trouble, matters more than anything else.

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Ecopsychologist, Writer, Farmer, Defender of reality, and Cat Castle Custodian.

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